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Who Is the Best Domain Hosting in Pakistan?

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Here is a common question about web hosting:

I’m looking for the best domain hosting in Pakistan. Any suggestions?

Web hosting in developing countries

It’s really difficult to find the right domain hosting for your small business. This one decision may determine the success or failure for your online venture.  Many professional web designers have said, in terms of hosting, server location is not important as long as they meet your hosting requirements.

Typical Misconception By Most Site Owners

A few site owners  in the developing countries like India and Pakistan thought that they need a specific web hosting company located in Pakistan to host their websites. The fact is you can get a cheaper web hosting service located anywhere around the globe as long as it can meet your web hosting requirements and host your website with reliability, have good reputation, and have responsive customer support.

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[TRUTH] Your Website Sucks If It Makes NO Money, Regardless How Amazing It Looks

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FAQ|cheap domain hostA common query:

Many people build website for their business, services and products. But can anyone build website to earn through it? Can you make money some other way. Guide me the full steps and tell me the minimum investment for starting a good website which can generate some earning or income.

Answer|cheap domain hostExpert Answer: You are not alone. Many people are wondering if it is even possible to make money on the Internet or from a website.

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Your Web Design Skill Sucks? Here are 3 Surefire Ways to Become a Better Web Designer

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So your website-making skill sucks? You want to learn to make money by making websites and web applications? You can start now with these proven methods.

How to Improve Your Web Design Skill

  1. Continuous Learning – learn by doing. Register own domain. Have a web hosting of your own. Do not rely on the free hosting because you cannot learn the whole process of web development including changing DNS settings, uploading files, using FTP, and much more. Build your own website from ground up – not just use those templates from Blogspot. We highly recommend Namecheap for registering your domain, and Hostgator as web hosting.
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The Insider’s Secret in Finding Web Hosting Provider that Allow the Use of Profanity in Blogs

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Some web owners are having confusion on creating contents for their blogs. Like the inquery of this fellow:

I want to be able to swear in my blogs. Will allow that? Any other recommendations?

It is a fact that blogging is a common way to tell your feelings or thoughts through your blogs and share it with others. But will degree of profanity use affect your blogs especially it is hosted in free blogging sites? The simple answer is ‘Yes’.

Profanity refers to abusive, vulgar, or irreverent language according to Using extreme profanity phrase or words may somewhat violate the policies of your free hosting provider that may result in removing your blog. Aside from that it also affects your credibility as a writer. Here are some negative effects in using profanity on your blog:

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Hostgator vs Weebly

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You suck at building website. You think HTML stands for How to Meet Ladies. Many individuals like you are searching for the easiest, and possibly a free way to come out with beautiful websites. This is where you need a site builder to make you life easier.

Today, let us look at the two of the most commonly used hosting with Site builder – Hostgator and Weebly.

Weebly so popular because, of course, it is free. Sure, there are a also lot of other free hosting companies to help you build websites, but make sure you ask these questions first:

  1. If you have an existing design, will it work correctly?
  2. Will it meet all your web design needs?
  3. Have you check its support, reliability and hidden prices?

As your fellow site owner, you ought to really be mindful in selecting the best host company for it could make or break your web presence. Web hosting plays an important role in making your site’s online presence and also in the search engine optimization of your web site so it is crucial that you should have no room for wrong decision in these subject. Continue reading Hostgator vs Weebly

The Cyber Monday 50% Web Hosting Discount Offer from Hostgator Sucks

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What Sucks About This Hostgator Offer

Here are what a few people complained about.

  • Sorry but domain names registration are not discounted.
  • Current clients are eligible to take advantage of this offer on additional hosting accounts only. In order to receive the discount on an additional account, current clients must keep their original, existing account open and in good standing in order to continue receiving the discounted rate on their new account.
  • This Cyber Monday offer started at 12:00 (Midnight) AM CST 11/28/11 and run only until 11:59PM CST, 11/28/11. Why so short?

    Updated: This offer has now expired! Visit the HG coupon site, and get 25% discount instead. This is better than the occasional 20% Off Hostgator is giving.

  • The discount applies to your first invoice only. I know. A few people complained that Hostgator sucks when it comes to this. You get what you pay for. More people believe that the price is worth it for such as great service. The big savings on the first invoice can be a great bonus for startups.
  • If you need more than the cheap shared hosting, their VPS and dedicated server hosting services are only available on a monthly basis, therefore the promotion will apply to only the first month.

best domain registrar
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MobileMe Sucks

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You know how many Mac users who are publishing their websites using iWeb started panicking when they heard that the late Steve Jobs told an iWeb user to start looking for another website builder and a new host? The lack of iWeb love from Apple, further strengthens any rumor that iWeb and MobileMe would not be developed further. In June 2011, Apple confirmed that iWeb publishing, MobileMe Gallery, and iDisk will all disappear as the company sunsets its current online service in favor of iCloud.

Publishing iWeb via FTP

So if you still have your iWeb websites, it is time to move to an iWeb FTP hosting. iWeb featured built-in support for publishing to other third-party web hosts with FTP, although MobileMe is the default host. Therefore, you do have the power to publish to another hosting company.

Here are some reasons why an FTP hosting is better than MobileMe.

  • MobileMe is no longer accepting new subscribers so forget it if you are just starting out to use MobileMe.
  • If you’re a current member of MobileMe, you can access everything only until June 30, 2012. It is time to panic, or lose everything.
  • MobileMe doesn’t support any server side language such as PHP but most FTP web hosts do.
  • MobileMe does not give enough storage, and this is not good if you are serious about your website.
  • iCloud is Apple’s new cloud service to replace MobileMe, but sorry, iWeb publishing is not part of the services to be offered. Did we say you should panic?

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Who Else Wants 50% Discount from Hostgator?

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Updated: This offer has been repeated for Cyber Monday! Do not miss it again.

You suck Hostgator! Why didn’t you give us this price when we signed up?

If you just stumbled upon this page at the right time, then “lucky you”.

Here is the deal. Today you can get Click to view super discount at Hostgator50% Off Everything at Hostgator. This is a One-Day-Only Black Friday Offer and it starts at 12:00 AM Friday November 26th CST (-6 GMT) and will run until 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT). If we knew about this, we would have waited to get this super low price.

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Have you paid something at full price and later found out others are paying much less than you for the same product or service?

If you are looking for unlimited domains hosting on PHP and MySQL platform and has been eyeing on Fatcow, here is a word of warning. Do not go straight to and pay full price! Continue reading – Paying Full Price Sucks

Eleven Reasons Eleven2 Sucks

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Heard about Eleven2 problems on some review sites? Some say Eleven2 Hosting scams or Eleven2 sucks? Saw some issues, Eleven 2 complaints and bad customer experiences? Can these negative reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about their limitations? READ THIS FIRST!

If you are considering to get a hosting account from Eleven2, you may want to (or probably have tried to) search for the keywords “Eleven2 Sucks” on Google. However, the result may confuse you. Perhaps you have read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about thus far.

Did Eleven2 experiences and stories like below or made you think twice to signup with Eleven2 hosting company?

  • “…very slow in getting my domain propogated.…”
  • “eleven2 sucks they are the worst hosting company out there right now…”
  • “The company is managed and owned by a bunch of kids that must be playing around all day because they dont take care of their clients…“

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