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Dotster sucks: a hosting disaster

5 Comments on Dotster sucks: a hosting disaster

Dotster hosting sucks real bad they are a disaster. They are so bad because they don’t have any bad reviews about them when I searched for doster hosting sucks on Google today… yeah disaster for their competitors is what I meant. I also tried “dot ster sucks”, “dots ter sucks”, “dotsster sucks”, “dotster sux” and other variation of misspells, just incase some smart ass cannot even spell the host name right or try to avoid being sued by Dotster. Sorry still none.

If you are considering any hosting company, you should do a search for keywords “X Hosting Sucks” on Google. Perhaps you have already read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about hosting X but doing the “X sucks” search may reveal the true side of the hosting provider.

If you ask me how good is Dotster web hosting. My answer is they are very good. I try not to be biased when I do reviews but with Dotster, it is hard not to. So I have no problem recommending it to anyone. Now click here to checkout the plan most suitable for you and start on a reliable hosting at lower price or type the url

You don’t need another Dotster review or Doster critique to decide. You can read as many critical review, comments, issues, problems, limitations or criticism about Dotster hosting that you can find. Here is the challenge to find a better hosting than what I just recommended. Go search for some other hostings with no “X sucks” pages on Google, and post them down here in the comment box. Better yet, try find such a hosting company with the same plan feature as Dotster (Starter Plan with 5GB disk space and 250GB bandwidth) but with cheaper monthly hosting price. If you do find it, please do post a comment here and I will retract this recommendation.

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ps: Do not confuse Dotster Web Hosting service with their Domain Registration service. What we are recommending here is only the Dotster Web Hosting


I just purchased hosting on Dotster because the domain was already hosted there. In under 24 hours I’m full of regrets. The FTP connection info doesn’t work. The online File Manager denies permission for most files. I tried to one-click install of Drupal (from the Application Vault), and I don’t have access to those files through the File Manager. I can’t get the Drupal index page as the home page under the base url of the site. I can’t access .htaccess to point to the home page I want.

Dotser’s “Live Support” wasn’t any help at all. I spoke to two reps. The first tech support rep told me I had no choice about where Drupal installed and didn’t understand that most customers would want their CMS home page under their base url. The second tech support rep told me he “didn’t support third party programs” even though I was installing Drupal out of Dotster’s Application Vault!!! I then resorted to email, and the promised reply-in-24-hours hasn’t materialized after 48 hours. :-/

I’ve paid for hosting, but I’m unable to build my site. If this is the experience of most customers, I’m surprised there isn’t an avalanche of “Dotster Sucks” sites. However, maybe I’m missing some secret about how to get FTP, access the folders for whatever CMS you install, how to get Application Vault apps under your base url instead of a sub-folder, and how to get the “Live tech support” (yes, those are sarcasm quotes) to actually provide some tech support. Please let me know if there’s some magic word I can use to get what I paid for. 🙁

Did you try install Drupal manually? I never use automated packages that come with the hosting such as Fantastico or Application Vault. I tried once but even if they install properly, it is hard to update or upgrade the versions.

Try install Drupal (or other third party applications) via FTP and web interface. Of course you have to configure MySQL username/password manually but it is worth it in the long run.

Hi there, I’ve been looking for some articles about ecommerce hosting. I can see that you too have the same interests. Your post on “Sucks: A Hosting Master or a Disaster | Even The Best Hostings Suck Sometimes” is a good example so I hope that you can keep providing information. I wish you every success.

Dotster is the WORST webhost I have ever experienced. I’ve been trying to install a wordpress site for a client of mine that (stupidly) signed up for hosting at Dotster…for the past 2 HOURS. FTP transfers are about 40% successful. Once I finally got WordPress to work (and had to figure out through PHP Server Variables which directory the WP install was in), I uploaded my WordPress Theme in the themes directory but WordPress doesn’t detect it (probably due to some kind of security on the file folder). I’ve e-mailed Doster support…no response in 48 hours. No help. I’m moving this guys site over to my host now and telling him to go and find another host. I just HOPE that when I change the DNS entries for his domain in Dotster it actually works (not holding my breathe).

Bottom line: DOTSTER SUCKS. Stay away from them.

I use Dreamhost btw…rarely have had an issue on 10 plus sites. When I do, I get instant online chat with a tech.

Dotster really doesn’t care about their customers. I had a vps with them since 2006 that I used for hosting websites. I had over 100 sites using databases, scripts ssi etc.
They sent me an email saying they were decommissioning the box I was on and I had to move my content. When I called to ask if they would move it they said they don’t provide that service for vps’s. They then shut off the box and I was cooked.

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