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Not just Another Ordinary Fatcow Review

82 Comments on Not just Another Ordinary Fatcow Review

Are you considering Fatcow ratingFatcow for your website, but have heard mixed reviews about Fatcow? We do not blame you for being more confused after reading and listening to any Fatcow review. We will be upfront and straight to the point from the beginning – if you want a website provider with absolutely zero negative feedback, and tech support that solves all your hosting problem within 5 minutes, then you should not proceed with Fatcow. Read our alternative hosting options below for recommendation. If you want a web hosting that doesn’t care if you upload 55,681 MP3 songs or images to your web hosting space; then DO NOT get the hosting plan from Fatcow because you will quickly get your account suspended.

However, if you mostly want an affordable PHP/MySQL hosting, with free domain name and beginner-friendly website Builder, you will like Fatcow just fine.

Some say Fatcow Hosting scams or Fatcow sucks? Saw some issues, Fatcow complaints and bad customer experiences? Can these negative reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about their limitations?

Here is the truth. According to a study conducted by America’s premier customer services research firm, TARP, customers are more likely to speak about a company when things go wrong rather than when they go right. On average, customers are twice as likely to talk about a bad experience as they are to share a positive one. So we can safely say that for every negative comment about Fatcow, there are two more good Fatcow reviews we did not hear about.

Fatcow is BBB accredited Fatcow's parent company EIG is rated A+ by BBB

Despite the fact that Fatcow’s parent company is accredited at Better Business Bureau (BBB) with the highest rating possible (A+), some bad Fatcow experiences and stories on the web may make you think twice to signup at

Only you can decide if Fatcow is right for you, based on your own requirements. You should never trust any Fatcow review or recommendation your read on a “best hosting” or “top 10” site. No web host is perfect. Not even those where you pay 5 times the cost at Fatcow. But so many are satisfied with Fatcow and your probably will too. You should also look at the limitations and reasons not to use Fatcow below.

How Good is Fatcow Web Hosting

From our findings, only about 8 out of every 100,000 search engine result pages about Fatcow says anything bad about Fatcow. This is still extremely good considering other business web host we have looked at have much worst ratio.

As you can see from this Alexa chart, Fatcow is one of the top web hosting companies in the market today and there is no doubt they will have many more reviews, both positive and negatives ones, than most other web hosts

Another strong point of Fatcow is their novice-friendly and simple-to-use Site Builder. If you are new to website building and want to have a web presence immediately, then you will need a Sitebuilder. You can build your website quickly within minutes without any knowledge of HTML, CSS or scripting by using their Weebly-like Site Builder.

Drag & Drop Site Builder by FatCow

Affordable hosting is the other rationale on why so many people are using Fatcow. “It is cheaper than a meal at McDonald’s”, is what some are saying about the amazingly low hosting price at Fatcow. You can also get an extra discount by using the secret link below. The price can be as low as $3.67/month if you are paying for 2-3 years or $4.67 if you are paying for a year.

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You also get free domain name for life with a Fatcow hosting plan. This not only will save you on the cost of the web domain registration, but will also give you the peace of mind because you do not have to worry about DNS settings, A records, domain forwarding, email forwarding, domain renewal or any other domain related configurations. If you are new to developing and building websites, this tasks can be quite daunting, especially if you bought your domain at a different company like Godaddy. Many people did report that they gave up after failing to get the domain name to work with the web hosting account.

Pros: Summary of Reasons Why You Should Choose Fatcow

  • You want a free domain and do not want the hassle of configuring your domain to work with the hosting plan.
  • You want to build a website quickly with a good Site Builder.
  • You want to install WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and other open source scripts quickly using one-click installer.
  • You want a cheap hosting package that includes a lot of features.
  • You need unlimited diskspace and bandwidth.
  • You plan to host multiple domain names under one account for simplicity and cost-saving reasons.

Cons: Some Reasons to Avoid Fatcow

Here are some reasons why you should not use Fatcow:

  • You want to host an adult website. Most cheap web hosts do not allow adult websites and you are better off getting a dedicated server.
  • You need to use cPanel. If you do not know what cPanel is, you probably will not miss it.
  • You want to use the “unlimited” hosting space to store files or backup of your PC. This is against the “fair usage policy” of most hosting companies, not just Fatcow.
  • You want an upgrade option to VPS or dedicated hosting at the same hosting company. Fatcow only offers shared hosting.
  • You require SSH access. Advanced webmasters and web developers might need a secure shell to install things via command line. But 99.99% of users or websites really don’t even require SSH.
  • Other add-on services such as SEO service, SSL, domain privacy and various other add-on services were reported not to receive proper support or they are not worth the price paid. Use a hosting company such as Fatcow for what they are good at – web hosting. This is true with any other cheap web hosting companies too. If you want a SEO service, go with a professional company. If you want better domain management and privacy protection, go with one of the best domain registrars.

fatcow review

So our verdict: Recommends Fatcow for beginners and small businesses looking to set up a website quickly and easily.

We know, finding a good web hosting can be tiring and time consuming, when you should be building your website, writing on your WordPress blog or selling your product. You have read the other positive Fatcow reviews elsewhere. Fatcow does what a hosting company should do. That is, Fatcow actually answers their phones, replies to their emails, responds to live chat requests, and provides quality Site Builder. So among the millions of satisfied clients, surely a few may disagree with us.

You have seen the figures, BBB rating and chart above. Numbers don’t lie. You should look no further. Need a Fatcow coupon code? We found something special to share with you. Follow the Fatcow discount link below and get extra discount for your order ( or go to ). You will miss 100% of the business you did not start. If you sign up today, you can use the link below to get exclusive 47% discount from their normal price. They used to give 50% discount (see the screen shot below) but not any more. This 47% offer will also end any time soon. So hurry before the promotion is gone:

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Fatcow Alternative

If you think Fatcow cannot meet your requirements, then we recommend you look at inMotion hosting. They have cPanel, SSH access, and options to upgrade to their VPS and dedicated hosting. We are recommending an alternative hosting plan by InMotion Hosting because of their custom-fit packages are priced from only $3 monthly! You pay for what you need and all packages come with cPanel (which Fatcow does not offer) and eCommerce-ready support. Our InMotion hosting review is as good, if not better than about Fatcow. If you have any doubt at all about Fatcow, get inMotion hosting instead.

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PROMO / COUPON CODE: Don’t worry about remembering the InMotion coupon code. Just use the button below and it automatically apply coupon code (if available) when you checkout.


Nice post 🙂 Fatcow definitely doesn’t suck. I’m not just saying that because I work as technical support for Fatcow and various other web hosting companies but I like the services so much I even use their services myself.

I must say we do have some people who don’t like us but the majority of people who call in aren’t calling because our services are broken but rather because they have a question about something and by the end of the call they are usually praising how great Fatcow is.

Funny thing is that few people who get upset with us for their website being down don’t realize it is their own fault. They call us furious demanding to know why their website is down and to get it back up and running immediately… and the reason their website was down is because they never renewed their domain name.. which we do have automatic renewal but their credit cards on their account would be expired therefore now allowing their domain to be automatically renewed… we also have it setup where if the domain doesn’t automatically renew it will send emails to the contact address that was provided when they signed up the account.

So all in all people who have their websites go down with us and hate us it’s usually their own fault 😛

As web designer I tried many different hosts and found that there’s no perfect one. However, FatCow does a really good job. They are honest with you… each time I call their support I get someone from North America. I had to cancel couple accounts with FatCow since my clients didn’t need them – never had a problem, got my money back. Strongly recommend.

hey—they not only answer their phones and have live chats, they actually are helpful—even when I didn’t know doodley squat about web pages, they were very patient with me and helped get me straightened out.

I’ve been with them for seven years and been most satisfied.

I’ve been looking at quite a bit of host and a lot of reviews to find a good reliable host which has good features and reasonable prices. So far godaddy seems to be the cheapest but bad reviews, hostgator is what I would want but the prices aren’t great. I found a few others that have reasonable price and the features I watn like cpanel and fantisico however thye are quite new such as vexxhost. And my other option is fat cow, their prices seem good with the coupon provided however the downside is it seems they don’t have cpanel. Can anyone confirm this and comment on their current way of managing sites cause I’m completely new and I need to have easy to use features that would help me create and manage sites.

I signed up with fatcow because of some recommendation by a reviewing site. Yes, they were quite cheap, but i feel their advertising is deceptive. I trusted the review and did not really check details, till i found out that the package did not include sub-domains. I wonder what kind of startegy is that to offer all these things ‘Unlimited’ which nobody really needs, but then to charge extra for the more natural thing like sub domains?
When i asked the support, they again were talking about ‘Unlimited’ domains and totally ignoring my point of sub domains.
So, i don’t know if fatcow is that bad, it’s all relative to the competition, but i am inclined to try godaddy.

Not sure what you are talking about. On their site, it says they give unlimited subdomains with their Original FatCow Plan. Did you get the MiniMoo (Parking Only) plan and expect to get subdomains? Or maybe you hosted your domain with a separate web domain registrar? Then you need to check with that registrar and learn how to create and host a subdomain…

Hi Hank, thanks for the reply.
It was my mistake, I was to fast with judgement. But i was misled by the fact that when creating a subdomain there is the option ‘buy first if you have not done so’ at U$5/m for 5 sub domains. but my plan obviously includes the free sub domains.
Sorry again, Fatcow .

Thanks for this article about FatCow. As a part-time freelance web developer, I have always recommended them to clients as a good, inexpensive, flexible, and powerful web host.
Just today, I had my first negative experience with them — I found a security vulnerability in their MySQL interface that allowed me to access other client’s databases. Not good, right?
It took several hours of calling and following up with tech support about the problem before they “allowed” me to talk to tier 2 tech support person (i.e. someone who actually knows what they’re doing). In the meantime, I got all sorts of BS from “tech support” who didn’t realize the importance of this problem, people who said they’d call back (and didn’t), and hand-wavy theories about what the problem was and what I should do (that didn’t help)

Not the most horrible experience in the world, but a shocking one to say the least!

In general though, I’ve had some very good experiences with FatCow as well, and for most users, they’re a very good company with a very good value.

FATCOW Rocks !!!!

I am a newbie and they were helpful in building my site. Friendly help chat and to the point. They do asnwer questions at face value, no dumb questions asked. I am not a techy but I was able to upload my website from MS Publisher.

You can always ask them questions to build your web. They may tweak their system and shutdown your site but they do it at the least amount of traffic like 3 am in the morning. This will not break your business and their way of making sure your site is up during high traffic times.

I like my FatCow !

is it possible to host 2 main domains in one account and have separate dns for each account and not one be subdomain?

You should be able to host “unlimited” number of domains. DNS management should be separate and you probably be better off to use your registrar’s nameservers instead… I do not recommend you register extra domains at Fatcow. You should use one of the best domain registration services like Godaddy and then point the A record to your shared hosting at Fatcow…

Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like you want to host more than your default domain at Fatcow but you are not sure how. So here are the steps to host multiple domains at Fatcow and have your domains registered at Godaddy:

  1. 1. Take note of the shared IP address of your hosting server at Fatcow (or any other hosting you are using) from your vDeck control panel.
  2. 2. Go to Godaddy Domain Manager. Click on the domain you wish to edit. Then click on Total DNS Control.
  3. 3. Click on the edit icon to change your WWW or @ record to your Fatcow’s shared IP address. Alternatively click on the Add New A Record button to add the new A record (such as WWW or any other subdomains).

Let me know if that does not work.

Good luck.

I found your site while looking up reviews for fatcow. On other sites, there were comments on how slow their servers are and how it takes a looong time to upload pictures, etc. I am wondering if this has happened to you? Do you still stand by your review and recommend them?

Also, why do you recommend that you register your domain separately?

Thanks for all your help!


Can some body help me out with my question (below) regading FATCOW’s services.
Actually my question was not how to register a domain but whether or not using Fatcow’s hosting plan can enable us to list our already registered domain’s sites with NetFirms each with it is own SSL, DNS and IP and email address and perhaps a cpanel control.
For example
We want to listed all our domains (about 12 to 15) in one account rather than 1 main domain and the rest as sub-domains i.e. and etc…
Again all our domains are listed with Netfirms and they are Not sub-domain. Now each site will be built on an OS-commerce platform type aka LITE COMMERCE seen here
The server requirements for litecommerce are here
Please go to page 13 of the pdf or page 8 of the document.
I have been told that the FATCOW can support litecommerce so we can develop our sites which is a good news, but I still wonder whether or not under one account we can list all our domains each by itself. For example Yahoo hosting requires each domain to have a separate account of its own, in order to have individual SSL, DNS, and email address.
Gator hosting does provide such a plan sold under their Reseller Hosting. Seen here
I really want to sign up with FatCow, if only they provide something like the Gator’s so that I can list one account for everything,…Thank you for your advise

I have not signed up but thought I would post something. I tried Wix – for two sites – at 1st the design phase was wonderful – and easy – however then had glitches – and then it was slow. Wrote customer service (no chat) – and never heard a word. Someone in tech actually posted they had replied. I have like 7-10 auto reply mess that gave me a number and said someone would contact me.
Then I started looking – Some of these sites are just plain strange. Only thing about Cow is that they won’t let you test drive the designer. Other than that – they have answered most questions quickly. One prob is that I think all these chat room service people all work for many hosts. Strange thing – sometimes really good answers – then a few times – it is like they are taking to ten people at one time – slow to chat – and ask some strange quesions. Overall I am going to try the Cow. I just thought I would warn any new lookers. I would not imagine how good Wix was only to fall on the 99th yard. Some host sites are just too complicated for people like me. The cow has my vote but will write again after trying for a few months.

I want to host streaming Music plus an online store for my website, I am looking for feedback for hosting it on Fatcow. Please help.

This review is really helpful, however not sure about streaming music and selling.

I singed up with Fat Cow about about 8 months ago, I had nothing but problems setting up my web page. I had a friend even help me that had created multiple web pages in the past and knew what she was doing. We still had problems, we were on the phone with them 3 or more times a day and had multiple problems. We were going crazy nothing was working we would input something and it wouldn’t show, add a picture and get none, have to pages at the same time. You name it it went wrong, except one thing. The customer service was great. I was always able to get a hold of someone and they would always help me. We would get one problem fixed and then another one would pop up. I will say though that after a while I was tired of not getting a working web page. I was going to cancel and spoke with a guy that I cant remember his name,(I wish I could) he asked a lot of questions and said that he didnt want me to quit. I was like Im sorry but I am going somewhere else, nothing seems to work on my web page and it has constant problems. He said that he use to work in the IT department before customer service and said that the problems I was having seemed very strange. He said that he couldn’t explain what was wrong with my account but if I was willing to open another account and cancell the old one he would work with me to see If the new account works better. It did I had to start a new web page, but in 2 days I had it up and running and pictures, able to make changes and have them work. It became like heaven working on the web page. We dont know why my first page had so many problems but I say it just happened and it will probly happen to someone else, if it does just try again. So in closing I am glad I never closed my account, Fat Cow customer service is great and will work with you to figure out any problems. They said that my problems were very strange but continued to work with me. Fat Cow is great in my opinion, problems happen and Fat Cow came through. I would recommend Fat Cow to any body that wants to creative a web page, prices are great and once again customer service is also.

I have been with fatcow now for about 4 months, and host about 8 domains with some sub domains with them, I am in South Africa and was looking for a better priced host with good service three of my sites I host video and photos and it works great. In South africa I paid R500 wich is $50 and got only 500mb of disk space and 5 gig bandwidth, since I moved to fatcow I have only had great service, I have had no problems with anything, they always post a notice on your panel if they are going to do updates or if they are experiance a certain problem. but before i experiance the problem it is fixed. I really like the freedom I have with them.

I’ve just signed up with Fat Cow, I had encountered some issues with the sign up form, it didn’t go through at first, so guess what? I get an e-mail by FatCow offering me a discount @$35 for one year, which is about %50 off of the regular $66/yearly.. very impressed so far, now I can’t speak for downtime, but speeds are pretty good, great customer support.. Very good first impression.. I don’t think I’ll have any issues with them..

Well, in the two years I’ve been with them for email hosting, it seems that theres a day every 2-4 weeks where we can’t get logged into their pop servers to get our email, or the smtp servers don’t seem to be running. Often, emails are delivered 2-4 hours after being sent. They have some issues to be sure. But, they do have pretty good response time when you notify them of having an issue. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend them for email, though I have no experience with their other services.

Fatcow is my current web hoster. Not only are the plans affordable, they have very helpful customer support agents and their control panel is easy to use. I only think that some options are a bit over priced, but that’s mainly because there’s a third party involved.

Fatcow are generally good.

I do feel it necessary to comment on some issues that I have had.

1. My entire site started serving up 404 responses to every page for about 8 hours. Customer service was quite responsive but it did feel like some sort of large technical screw-up had occurred. I got no explanation.

2. If you don’t specifically get them to change it, every 404 response that your page serves will include a custom frame that serves up 1 of those nasty domain squatting pages ( to be exact). ie. Fatcow make revenue off your 404 pages.

I came from godaddy where there web-interface was pathetically slow (and fairy market driven)

Fatcow has been good, so far…

My company has its own in house network as well as a couple of VPNs. I needed to have a cheap off-network provider to run some of my light duty projects and after looking into Godaddy, Hostgator, Blue and Fatcow I decided on Fatcow. The one caveat is that their manager/CP is home grown so you’ll have to learn how it functions. It’s quite a bit different than cpanel and virtualmin. Getting beyond the learning curve was easy enough though and now that I’m settled in I’ve been quite pleased with it.

hi guys,
Im not sure if somebody is still watching this discussion, but i have a question.
I am about to run a middle-size project in CHINA and looking for best webhosting. Its quite a difficult thing, since some are blocked, and some are loading very slowly.
I have been now looking over the fatcow, and it does look ok, but im still not convince with the loading speed (webpage will include a lot of pictures and speed is quite important.). Can you tell me your opinions about fatcow in china, or recommend some other hosting which has server in china? (unlimited space is a need).

Thank you

Hi Tomas,

Best web hosting really depends on what you are looking for. If you need a fast server in Asia, I highly recommend you look at ICDsoft. They have servers in Hong Kong, so your site will load much faster from China as compared to if you use a server in the US such as Fatcow.

ICDsoft is very good. I could not find any negative ICDsoft review on the Internet. However, ICDsoft does not offer unlimited space but I think the 50GB storage is more than enough for most web projects, and you can upgrade the space later if you need to. Well, most companies offering the so called ‘unlimited’ space actually do have inodes limit of 50,000. Therefore you have to be careful. You don’t really get unlimited space because the number of files you can have actually is limited to around 50,000.

For a limited time, you can get 10% discount at this link from ICDsoft.

Good luck.

FatCow has changed quite a bit in recent months/years, and I would suggest redoing much of the research in this article. Unfortunately, they’ve fallen into a lot of “bad web host” traps — being pushy with expensive, useless “extras” during registration and afterwards, much poorer customer service, charging for halfway decent service, more downtime, problems setting up accounts (I usually have a few errors on my server — PHP not working, MySQL DB location different from what they think it is, etc. on setup) I used to recommend them to everyone I met, but now I say, they’re decent, but be careful — budget a couple of frustrating hours on the phone with tech support to get it to work.

Was wanting to know before i make the switch to fatcow, do they have cron jobs available in the cpanel?
couldnt find that under the features.

@Jennifer, FatCow doesn’t have Cron Jobs. I’m deciding whether to go with FatCow , CloudAccess or JustHost. Does anyone know anything about CloudAccess or JustHost?

I have been using Fatcow for about 2 weeks and they are awful

There are restrictions (that are not stated anywhere on the site) about the use of the easy to use website builders

The support is chat or you call a US number only. The chat people are not very helpful, certainly do not support novice questions. I received a number of sarcastic and snide comments. The manager did not bother to respond to emails.

I got my money back but only after a 2 hour arguement on the chat. Do NOT USE

My problem with FatCow is that they force you to publish your website through Weebly Drop and Drag Builder, which is a horrendously limiting program.

It pays to learn some HTML and FTP. You can also install a multitude of web applications like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These apps can be installed in one single click and all have nice open source templates and themes if you do not want to use the Sitebuilder. The features and posibilities are limitless at Fatcow. Nobody is forcing you to anything – only your unwillingness to learn and try new things.

I’ve been using Fatcow for well over a year and they have been pretty decent. I run a few Joomla sites, and have seen several Joomla users complain about Fatcow, but I think it is more the case of what this article mentions… people with complaints are voiced, happy users typically don’t go around praising the hosting company.

Tech support is fantastic. I have experienced some down time, but have always had notification of what was going on and it was very brief. Sure, it would be better to not have shared hosting… but most of my clients are small and can’t afford expensive hosting costs.

What a load of unmitigated shill trash!

I am still trying to get money back for my 91-year-old mother, who should have gotten a full refund (promised by Fat Sow liars) over a month ago. They “can’t find” her information in their system, want her to resubmit all of her personal information so they can try to find it.

If this site posted honest reviews, it would post this one. It will never appear.

I recently signed up for fatcow and so far I have been really impressed. I was able to set everything up very quickly and was a little disappointed to see a lack of cronjobs, but I could get around that with some clever coding. In the meantime I have not had any issues, and was even pleasantly surprised when I received an unprompted call from the tech support welcoming me, asking if I had any questions or if there was anything they could help me with. I said no, I didn’t have any problems but thanked them all the same. Recently I’ve had an issue connecting to the FTP but it was solved quite quickly after a short chat with tech support who then elevated to tier 2 and they solved my problem. 🙂 I’m very happy with Fatcow and I would recommend them!

I had about 2 years ago a hosting for 1 year, i really loved that site, I even don`t know why I have stopped working with them. fatcow it`s really nice. the only thing i have about them is that to renew a domain it`s more expensive then other places.
support is really great and fast.

I recently have taken a three years membership. Regretfully, now I understood, there is no support for jar, jnlp, java servelet. I hope that will be added soon, when three billions devices right now are running java. It is so natural on their Debian platform.

I think you are confused about the billions of devices running Java. Those devices are not servers. They are clients, mobile phones and personal computers.

A good hosting company will not allow resource-hungry services like Java to run on their shared servers. This will avoid any one person or user to hog the bandwidth and resources on a server shared by many. You just need to install Java or Tomcat on a dedicated hosting or VPS.

In addition, also do not confuse Java and Javascript. Most web servers are more than happy to host your Javascripts.

Maybe it should be mentioned that Fatcow just promises unlimited storage space, but that means 25 GB.

Yeah, right – if your website reaches more than 25 GB you will be served a warning email that your account will be suspended within 3 days if you don’t start deleting your files. Happened to me at 27 GB, and we are talking about high res photo galleries for my clients (wedding photos).

Yes, unlimited means max. 25 GB with Fatcow, so beware if you actually think you are getting unlimited. It’s in their Terms of service – I haven’t found it but they say it’s in there according to their warning letter.
It’s been mentioned vaguely, good luck finding that in their ToS.

25GB used? Wow that is a lot. I would never imagine using more than 1GB for my websites on WordPress. Were you running a photo hosting business on top of the “unlimited” hosting account at Fatcow? I should have thought of that too and may we can make some money from the abundance of diskspace allowance 🙂

Thanks for letting us know. Now we know that it is not possible to create another hosting business on top of the Fatcow hosting plan and to make “profitable” use of the unlimited space and bandwidth allocated. I guess it is like what the sales guy said, “as long as you use the hosting plan for your own websites, then you should have more than enough space and bandwidth for the rest of your life”.

My account is down and they don’t seem to care. My website was supposed to transfer many weeks ago without interruption. still hasn’t, and now it’s completely down. I’m told it has been put under priority status, which means a tech will look at it within 48 hours. Run Run Run from these people. God are they shockingly incompetent and cavelier about your problems!

Tried their seo linking service, they promised 100+ links and 3 articles every month, but after a few weeks, they delivered none of those things. I contacted them multiple times, but they dont seem to care. I ended up having to do a chargeback thru my credit card because not only did fatcow lie about everything and delivered zero service, they told me they would keep billing me for a year, even though I only wanted to try it for a month. STAY AWAY FROM FATCOW!

Fatcow has been up and down for me.
While their chat has resolved all of my problems, in a decent timeframe, the reps you get are sometimes completely incompetent, and sometimes they resolve it immediately. Just offering a chat option is good enough for me though, lol.

The service, I don’t really care about as long as I can get things resolved. The problems with Fatcow come with how often my site goes down. I run a forum, which needs to connect to the DB, which oftentimes goes down for no particular reason. It’s random, and sometimes it’s for just a second, sometimes it’s for minutes at a time.

(funny enough, fatcow is down right now, HTTP 500 Internal Server Error, my site being down as well)

I may be an isolated case, but I’ve just noticed way too many problems / downtime for my liking.

In terms of updating my site, I haven’t had too many problems (except a file disappearing once) with Fatcow. I don’t care for FTP, and I don’t use a builder, so I update all of my code through the File Manager. SOmetimes just uploading a new version of the page, sometimes editing the code directly in the document.

Before I learned CSS and HTML I tried the drag and drop site builder. While it may be easy to use, when I used it, it was so ridiculously slow, and hardly customizable at all – making a simple contact table took forever to do because the builder was so slow. I have, however, heard great things about some of the other site builders they offer, so don’t discount it altogether, as it’s just a nice showpiece because it looks pretty and is user interactive.

I do like the ease of integrating certain things into the website, although the updates aren’t always current. I use SMF for my forum, and while I installed it fine through the control panel, I had to do a big update manually, as it wasn’t available to do through SMF. Not too difficult, but I can’t speak for how that could affect other applications. They offer other big name things like WordPress blogs, Joomla, etc. And a vast array of different ecommerce and other things that most everyone would be able to find what you’re looking for.

All in all, I’m paying 10.00 a year for a domain name, since my friend already has a hosting plan with them. To people who already are registered, they’ll offer a separate hosting plan for 2.95 per month, which is really good. By the time I have to re-register my domain name, if I still have a lot of issues with the Site / DB going down I’ll try another service, but if things shape up and I don’t have continuous issues, I’ll stick with them (and probably go on my own hosting plan).

Hope this helps give people a good idea of one person’s experience, and good luck! 🙂

I tried FatCow for webhosting a local political campaign site based on reviews like these. The price was decent – $44 for a year.

The campaign was successful, and I took the site down afterward. Unfortunately, I did not cancel the account, and it autorenewed at _$107_ for a year. When I went to cancel it, they told me there would be a $35 cancellation fee. When I said I didn’t remember seeing that when I signed up, they said it’s in “Terms and Conditions” – buried with a ton of legalese.

Anyway, fool me once and all that. I told them I thought their policy was misleading and abusive, and I won’t be back.

(PS- They also take _forever_ to answer their phone – it took three tries to get this cancelled since one time I had to leave after ~20 minutes on hold and the other time I was cut off after a similar wait time.)


Sorry to hear about the problem you had with them.

However, I think you will face the same problem regardless of the web host you use. If you forgot to CANCEL, they will RENEW. Fatcow, Hostgator, Godaddy, ICDsoft… they are all the same – they cannot read your mind 😀

We do not think that all companies have the same policies and attitude towards customers. At ICDSoft, there are no automatic renewals – the customer must explicitly follow a link and confirm the renewal of a service. Also, our 100-day money-back guarantee covers renewals also. If a customer renews an account and changes mind later, they have 100-days to cancel the service and get all their money back. We consider that a service provider should be open and frank to customers. Matters such as hidden fees are way out of this picture.

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