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Heard that sucks? How about hosting problems? Saw some down times, hosting complaints or bad customer experiences? Can these negative reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about Read this report first and judge for yourself!

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Alternative Web Hosting Recommendation

Due to recent customer complaints about this website hosting service, we think that it is necessary for us to suggest an alternative hosting.

If you have tried and think that this web hosting service is just not right for you, we recommend that you try inMotion hosting instead. Our inMotion hosting review as well as other reviews about InMotion on the internet about them has been very positive indeed.

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If you are considering to get a hosting account from, you may want to (or probably have tried to) search for the keywords “ Sucks” or “ bad” on Google. However, the result may confuse you. Perhaps you have read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about thus far.

Did experiences and stories like below or made you think twice to signup with Hosting?

  • “…n terms of the PROMISED features, was perfect, but just isn’t delivering. Fine, I don’t have much experience with IIS…”
  • “…hen I would alert them to the fact that my blog was down AGAIN I would basically get a shoulder shrug and a generic email that would say something like: sucks to be you a couple of days later.”
  • “Who are they? A cheapo web hosting solution, so I guess you get what you pay for…“

If you go through each of Googles result pages, it seems there a few unsatisfied customers and clients who have been through some sticky situation with If you search for the keywords “ sucks”, you see that there are hundreds of search engine result pages (SERPs) returned by Google. Is that a lot of bad things said about one hosting? Assuming all those result pages really talk about why this hosting provider sucked in some ways. There may be a few more result pages when you search for “ scam”, “ issues“, or ” problems“. Do these hate or complaint sites worry you after you have read so many positive reviews? Did the hate pages make you wonder if hosting is any good?

Hosting Total Pages
About Web Host
Total Hate Pages
About This Host
Hate/Pages Ratio 950,000 less than 5 0.000001

Is it reasonable to say that the few negative comments did not do justice when we compare with the big picture? Do not dismiss the fact that is one of the best windows hosting companies and one of big name in web domain registration. You have read the other good reviews elsewhere. does what a hosting company should do. That is, actually answers their phones, replies to their emails, doesn’t rip you off, and provides quality hosting. So among the hundred thousands of satisfied clients, surely they will be a few who disagree. Let us look at the numbers above.

How Good is Web Hosting

From the above number, only 1 out of every 1,000,000 SERP pages about says that this hosting sucks. This is extremely good considering other hostings we have looked at have much worst ratio.

We know, finding a good web hosting can be tiring and time consuming, when you should be building website, writing your WordPress blog or selling your product.

So our verdict: Recommends

You have seen the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. You should look no further. Need a coupon code? Their price is already low (as low as $4.98 $9.95 per month). Follow the discount link below and get 50% off for the first 3 months. Hesitate no more. comes 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, so you have no risk to try them. can get you started today:

They have Ultimate Power Pack with Web hosting, Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® SharePoint, Microsoft® Outlook and ecommerce with unlimited disk space, traffic, email accounts, FTP users and databases


How about as a domain registrar? We have never tried them but we strongly recommend you go to other web domain registration service like Godaddy to find the best registrar.

6 Comments is suck hosting, I had hosting plan + domain name which I transfer from dreamhost to gate for 1 year and 2 months since then. but on Nov 1 I request authorized code for domain transfer that I want to transfer to godaddy, then I received an email that they suspend my account for hosting and domain for irretating issue. and not even give me the authorize code to transfer domain. I keep calling up the tech support, customer service, they are im-polite and disconect the phone durring conversation. until now my domain can not be transfer due to they not giving out the authorize code that own by me and transfered from dreamhost to in 2008. this is notice to whom ever want to go, they suck, they will hold your domain when you want to transfer out of their service. verified true email me

The people in the Gate billing department don’t know the difference between “Hosting” service charges and “Domain” charges. I’ve been fighting with them for months now.
I asked to have my “hosting service” canceled and SPECIFICALLY told them not to cancel the domain. Guess what? They did the opposite! They canceled my domain and kept charging me for the hosting (Even though I had NO websites on their server).
Allot of people just don’t take time to complain, but not everything has changed for me.
the criminals that ended up with my domain want $500 to “sell” it back to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody at Gate is doing this.
I’m going to take action, and would appreciate some suggestions.

No i think actually does suck. True i’ve seen worse. I have to say is worse. But read my post at for more. But basically they remove features that I had been depending on and called it an “upgrade” with no warning. Then of course it takes me weeks to figure out why it was broken.
Try dreamhost instead. They are faster and better. Perfect so far. Though maybe the control panel is a bit obtuse.

I currently have hosting with & network solutions. I can tell you I have never had a problem with network solutions but it’s way too expensive to register domain names with them. That’s why I’ve been working on transferring everything over to So far I’ve had to put in 2 support tickets because a couple of my domains have transferred but have not been activated in my control panel. This is unacceptable because I’m unable to do anything with the domain names. So far the tickets have been open for a week and all I get told is that they’re working on the problem. I’ve also been told I cannot transfer them back to network solutions because they’re not active on my account. Well if they were active on my account I wouldn’t need to transfer them back.

Read all the mice type before signing up (i.e. DON’T SIGN UP). In order to cancel your hosting you need to phone them, and their fees are non-refundable and non pro-rateable. Meaning if you have a dormant website and need to cancel it a day or week after the last billing cycle – you will be charged for the next full billing cycle. This is legal, but unethical. It tells you where their priorities are. BE WARNED.

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