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InMotion vs Godaddy hosting

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Need help deciding between Godaddy and InMotion? Afraid you are going to make the wrong choice? Which is better when comparing Godaddy hosting vs InMotion hosting. They have their own benefits and special features. Both have their own loyal followers. All other reviews out there cannot help us at this point because both InMotion web hosting and Godaddy are good in their own ways. You have read the other reviews. You know they are both the best in the web hosting industry. Both inMotion and Godaddy are considered the top ecommerce hosting solutions for businesses. So how about letting the numbers decide? Forget about which is the best. Let us eliminate the worst between the two heavyweights, InMotion vs Godaddy.

How are we going to do that? Let us look at how many reviews said InMotion Rocks and InMotion Sucks, and how many customer experiences said Godaddy Sucks or Godaddy Rocks by looking at Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). Now let us see our tie-breaker and very own Godaddy and InMotion comparison rating. SERPs analysis for Godaddy vs InMotion on Jan 4

Analysis Total SERPs “Rocks” “Sucks” Comparison Rating
InMotion 1,300,000+ 30+ 5+
Godaddy Host 2,000,000+ 300+ 5500+

The negative reviews about Godaddy is more than six times higher compared to the positive SERPs about them. However, notice that the number of pages that praised InMotion and said “InMotion Rocks” is more than the negative reviews about InMotion, thus we have a clear winner. This puts InMotion way ahead of Godaddy in the hosting battle.

Please don’t be discouraged by the total number of “suck” pages for InMotion because they only account for 0.01% of the total SERPs for the keyword “InMotion”. Only 1 in every 10000 SERPs said anything bad about InMotion. This means that the InMotion complaints are almost negligible, and don’t forget that most happy satisfied clients will usually keep quite as compared to the few dissatisfied ones.

So it is now more obvious which hosting is better. Should you just sign up with InMotion now? Most other godaddy vs inMotion hosting comparison also confirmed our view.

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InMotion is the Winner against Godaddy hosting

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Hosting Tips: Do not use your web hosting account to backup your PC files or work documents to avoid your account being suspended by the hosting company. Sure this will suck when it happens. So get one of the best online backup services to do the archiving and daily backup of your non-website related work.

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