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Homestead Sucks. Go Home Instead?

9 Comments on Homestead Sucks. Go Home Instead?

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Looking for a reliable Homestead reviews? Heard about Homestead complaints? Some say Homestead eCommerce hosting sucks? Did you hear some Homestead issues, hosting problems or negative customer experiences? Can these negative reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories and limitations about this Intuit product? READ THIS HOMESTEAD REVIEW FIRST!

If you are considering to get a web store account from Homestead, you may want to (or probably have tried to) search for the keywords “Homestead Sucks” or “Homestead bad” on Google. However, the result may confuse you. Perhaps you have read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about Homestead thus far.

Did the Homestead experiences like below made you think twice to signup with Homestead?

  • “…(in 2005) I tried to visit the URLs of my websites today, and ALL of them are down…”
  • “…You won’t get PHP or MySQL or other features…”
  • “You can’t upload anything but .jpg and .gif files to your pages…“

If you go through each of Googles result pages, it seems there are a few unsatisfied customers and clients who have been through some sticky situation with Homestead. If you search for the keywords “Homestead sucks”, you can see that there are some search engine result pages (SERPs) returned by Google. Is that a lot of bad things said about one hosting? Assuming all those result pages really talk about why this hosting provider sucked in some ways. Do these hate or complaint sites worry you after you have read so many positive reviews? Did the hate pages make you wonder if Homestead hosting is any good?

Hosting Total Pages
About Web Host
Total Hate Pages
About This Host
Hate/Pages Ratio
Homestead 800,000+ about 10 only 0.00001%

Think again. Do not dismiss the fact that Homestead is one of the top ecommerce hosting solutions in the market today. What other companies know more about online business than Homestead? You have read the other Homestead reviews elsewhere. Homestead does what an ecommerce hosting company should do. That is, Homestead actually provide both e-commerce and hosting functionality like authoring tools, product catalog, shopping cart, transaction processing, and order management, and also with a web domain registration of your choice. So among the thousands of satisfied clients, surely they will be a few who disagree. Let us look at the numbers above.

How Good is Homestead Web Hosting

From the above number, only 1 out of every 10,000 SERP pages about Homestead says that this ecommerce hosting sucks. This number is extremely good considering other e-commerce hostings we have looked at are not as good as Homestead. Most of the result pages don’t even talk about Homestead the web hosting, but instead about Homestead the place, the football team etc. There are also very few (if any) result pages when you search for the keywords “Homestead scam”, “Homestead complaints”, “Homestead issues“, or ”Homestead problems“. The hate pages is actually negligible and not significant enough to be a reliable source of Homestead review. They are in fact one of the best ecommerce hosting providers available.

We know, finding a good storefront hosting can be exhausting and time consuming, when you should be building your business, marketing or selling your product. Sure you also don’t want to be reinventing the wheel — or breaking the bank. Why pay thousands for designers, shopping cart development and configuration and wait much longer for the development process when you can get you store running today at a fraction of the cost?

So our verdict: Recommends Homestead

You have seen the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. You don’t want to delay creating your web store any longer, do you? Follow the Homestead discount link below and for a limited time, get a 1-month FREE TRIAL ($4.99 thereafter). You try it for free first so you risk nothing to start the online business with them. They have a great support crew that guides users through the trial phase and beyond. Hesitate no more. Homestead can get you started with your own online store today. :

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i used homestead and they charge to much and if you want to cancel your account after pay, you won’t get your money back! If you pay annualy you end up paing more then monthly.


I really like their templates and their ease of design. What do I not like, however; is that their customer service people aren’t there on the weekends for emergencies.

I just built my second site with them (and three more to do in the next week) and my clients really like the templates, etc.

HOWEVER… I was about 80% done with my second site and POOF. All the data was gone. I had saved about 20 times and the last time about 3 minutes before the data was lost.

I’ve called – no one is at the help desk. I submitted a support ticket yesterday – no response yet. Just updated it – no response yet.

We will see how it goes. I’m very concerned.

I really liked Homestead at first. Been with them about a year… The plug & play sitebuilder was easy to use & the rep I was working with was amazing & extremely helpful…

BUT I am not as pleased anymore… In fact not pleased at all lately…

My reasons:
I have been paying for SEO through them ($500 so far & counting) – They said that within 3 months I would really see increasing #’s – they made it sound as though I better be prepared for all the customers & traffic… So much hype & big talk about it that I actually hired someone to help me part time… But its been 4 & 1/2 months & I am averaging 3- 4 visitors per day… The only days I get in the 20’s are days that I post something with a link on a classified page or on facebook… But if I’m not doing that myself, I am getting 3-4 visitors per day through the search engines…
It’s totally ridiculous!!!

I also decided to create another site for a diff. purpose – I purchased the domain name through homestead. Then I found out that I can not actually build a custom website with their system. I am paying a high priced web designer to do it & there is no way to really build a site with PHP or Ruby which is what I need… So I had to get hosting elsewhere… And if that wasn’t bad enough, It takes 24-72 hours just for them to point the site properly… I can’t wait until the 90 days is up so I can just completely move the new site over to the new host… It’s driving me crazy! My web designer says that he has never seen it take so much time just to point the nameservers…. When I first pointed my old site (the one that the SEO is not working on) over to homestead from GoDaddy it took only a few seconds to point it properly — so they (homestead) can take the new site in just a few seconds – but when it comes to releasing a site you have to wait 24-72 hrs just to get it pointed properly (ridiculous considering that all other hosts seem to do it instantly)…

Anyway, my opinion now is that homestead is great if you just want a plug & play site that is easy to build for someone with no knowledge of web design… But keep it simple… If you need more then a simple site – Do NOT use homestead!!! And I suggest that if you ever think there is a chance that you would like your domain switched to another host – Do not use Homestead! and most of all do NOT use homestead for SEO – it’s a huge rip off in my opinion..

Not bashing Homestead at all – their program is great for some people & some situations – but just be careful what you use them for…

I have had homestead for the last three years and while my experience with them has largely been good we are leaving them for Yahoo Merchant. They have a system in place which forces your customers to enter CAPTCHA each and every single item they place in their cart over 30 items, this isn’t a problem if you sell motorcycles but if you sell any item under $10 this is a HUGE problem. In order for a customer to order 50 items from me they would have to enter a CAPTCHA 20 times before checkout, and in order to add that last minute item, another CAPTCHA!!! To date I have received 8 customer complaints about this and who knows how many more never bothered to write and just walked away mad. I contacted homestead about this and while they acknowledged it was a problem that they would “try their best to get to correcting this” as a seller of items as low as $1 this move threatens to choke the life out of my business during a bad economy. I was hopeful calling and writing nearly every week but it’s been 3 months and no one can give me a time period they will have this addressed by or even that it’s on the list. There is no way I can continue with them.

Have been with Homestead for 6 years. That was when they were friendly, helpful and easy to work with. I am a web designer and I have had my clients use them for more than 70 websites. I was able to easily create a custom site and they had really good templates to choose from.
Now Intuit bought them…. they are rude, unhelpful and I really hate the new webdesign sitebuilder plus tool. It freezes up, the text mode is horrible and the color selector tools really don’t work well.

I can’t understand why they would buy a company that had a great business model with a great one of a kind site builder tool and throw it all away???? Only thing I can think of is that they only wanted to market to the thousands of homestead customers. They certainly don’t care about their long time loyal customers who helped to build their business.

Personally… I am looking at other options now. I clearly see the writing on the wall. This company is going down hill fast. I am not going to be on the customer list soon.

I am very sad to be leaving but I have given them too many changes over the last year. In fact all of my customer websites were down all day and night for several days… no word from Homestead as to why or any mention as to why we all lost business.

Sorry Homestead… I wish you would have stayed the same. I really miss the old homestead and all the great people who worked for them.

You are so right Kim the same thing happened to us. I used to be so happy with homestead we have and account with them for the last 4 years but ever since they change or were bought by intuit it sucks. At first we couldn’t even sign in to our account according to their reps intuit says that it wasn’t secure enough so they disable everybodies online id and password without telling the clients. the reps now are so rude and stupid and their new site builder is for idiots. I’m opening a new bussines and leaving the one we have to my hub and I’m seriously thinking of not going with homestead. I’m afraid of the change cause I don’t want to leave a bad to get a really really bad one and I have no experience with any other company but at least I know that homestead sucks now that is a fact i can overlook.

Did you find alternatives? I need a service that is easy to use for clients. While there are limitations, most important is the easy to use interface when I turn over the keys to non web saavy clients. So far they like it but I have personally noted some of these issues mentioned above. Open to other ideas of services with simple interfaces but give you the flexibility to move beyond their standard templates from a design standpoint. There was also a comment in an earlier post about getting locked in, as if you cannot move your domain if you decide to change. Anyone have experience with that issue?Thanks.

I have been with Homestead a number of years now, perhaps as many as nine. I have found them to have the best customer service. They have always responded to my phone calls and tickets promptly.

I have about six websites with them and love designing them as it is so user-friendly. And I am not a spring chicken! Also, the price is right. I wouldn’t use any other website service as I am spoiled by them!

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