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HostPapa with Papa Problems?

32 Comments on HostPapa with Papa Problems? Web Hosting is a problem hosting. They are are a big problem because they don’t have any bad reviews about them when we searched for “hostpapa hosting sucks” or “HostPapa complaints” on Google today… yeah big problem for their competitors is what we meant. We also tried “HostPapas sucks”, “hostpapa sux”, “Hostpappa sucks”, “HostPapa complains” and other variation of misspells, just incase some smart ass cannot even spell the host name right or try to avoid being sued by HostPapa. Sorry not that many.

If you are considering any hosting company, you should do a search for keywords “X Hosting Sucks” on Google. Perhaps you have already read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about hosting X but doing the “X sucks” search may reveal the true side of the hosting provider. You can also try other keywords such as “hostpapa problems”, “hostpapa issues” or “hostpapa scam”. Google SERP analysis

Compare Search Keywords Total Results
Godaddy GoDaddy Sucks about 6,350
iPowerWeb Review iPowerWeb Sucks about 1,060
1&1 Review 1&1 Sucks about 1,080
HostPapa Hosting HostPapa Sucks about 15+

HostPapa is not bad! With very few complaints, they are worth trying. If you ask us how good is HostPapa hosting, our answer is they are quite a good web hosting according to these criteria.

We try not to be biased when we do reviews but with this 100%-green-energy hosting provider, HostPapa is no exception. If you know they are good from the other reviews or word of mouth, then click here to checkout the plan most suitable for you and start hosting at a lower price or type the url

You can read as many critical reviews, comments, HostPapa issues, HostPapa problems, and stories of limitations about them that you can find. Hostpapa comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, no limit to add-on domains, no limit for e-mails and MySQL. Take a look at the latest HostPapa promotions today and start building that website?

You have seen the number analysis above. Numbers don’t lie. You don’t need to look further do you? HostPapa comes with 30-day money back guarantee so there is little risk to you to try host your blog, build company website or sell your products with them. Follow the HostPapa discount link below and get their special limited time, Unlimited Everything (unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, unlimited MySQL, host unlimited domains). If you are not too late (it may have expired but please let us know if it still works), you can use the promo / coupon code below at checkout. Even without any coupon code, their prices are already too low compared to others.

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So our final verdict: Recommends The Alternative Host

What do you think of Hostpapa?

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Web Hosting Tips: We suggest that you do not use the free domain name for life offer to do your main or important web domain registration. Use a different domain names registration service instead. This can avoid domain transfer problem in the future. Most people may want to move to a different hosting company when the needs arises. There are many low cost domain registration services you can use nowadays. Moreover, get one of the best online backup services if you need to store non-website-related files because most web hosting are not happy to see unrelated files in their so called “unlimited” webspace.


Lately they’ve been starting to suck quite a bit. 2 years ago when I researched them, I could find absolutely no complaints. Now there are a few popping up every day.

My brother-in-law’s email gives him issues all the time as well his site goes down randomly (and often now). It gets worse, they told him it was because he is on an old server and they would move him to a newer one for $25. That’s just part of his issues.

My own site has been down for over 30 minutes now, I cannot reach their technical support and I’m apparently on a new server.

I have a HostPapa account i’ve never had any issues like you speak of John, Most of the time its my fault because I enter the wrong password too many times and there servers firewall blocks me, Which I used to think means my site was down which it isn’t.

I would recommend HostPapa to anyone!

I did a similar research and ended up moving all my sites to Hostpapa. And this is my fourth webhost in a span of two years. I was happy until every sites of mine is down, now! It has been 3-4 hrs and still non operational.

I started to question myself – is this normal or just a case of bad luck. And I don’t want to hassle finding and moving to another hosting again..

Yes they suck big time. A client of mines has a domain that his former web master bought through them, the web master disappear with the monies paid and now our domain is down and hostpap refuses ot give us our files or domain name, saying we have to buy another domain even though we provide proof we are the legit owners of the domain and even offer to pay the necessary fees that the former webmaster owed them

They suck!

If you hired the wrong webmaster, let him/her register your domain and hosting account, then he/she ran away with your money… isn’t that mostly your fault? You should have at least registered the domain yourself.

It would be hard for domains registrars to reassign a domain to somebody else. It most cases, it is just not possible if your name or company name never appeared during registration in the administrative, technical or billing information.

If you plan to register a new domain name for new business and you want to delegate this task to somebody else, please take note: make sure your name or your company name is in the Administrative Contact.


May be this is the first “hostpapa sux”.

– Mysql server is very very slow
– Mysql max limit connections is 10 and not 25 (15 after all my email and tickets!) like they said in the faq
– Moneyback is a fraud!! On the subscription the setup is free. If you wanna left them, they will refund only a part of your cost ( total – setup ).
– The online support is fast to answer, but near ZERO to fix the problems.



You have more than 10 concurrent MySQL connections at one time. I assume you have thousands of page view every day. Sound like you have too many visits per day that any cheap shared hosts will be comfortable with.

Maybe it is time to move to dedicated server? Read the recommendation about which plan to use at

Sorry but hostpapa don’t give more 10 connections! I have make a lame script to open 10 or more connections at the same time. Less 10 connections all is ok. But if you try to open 11 connections the last is refuse. Anyway i have forums on different shared hosting ( lizzy-hosting,servage and s-h-com) and i not have any problems about the mysql connections , using my script and real users.


No, what you said is wrong.

10 users open 10 connections. If you think it is a shared host, where is possible to host several domains. For example 5 sites, with just only 2 visitors each, more connections will be refused.

Just pointing out for other ppl that can see this pages : This guy don’t know how to work properly.

10 mysql connection is more than enough for a lot of website. Having 5 users on 2 different website will fill your slots ONLY if you’re never closing mysql connection in your script… and this is really an huge fail as a web programmer… because when a php script end, the mysql connection is closed.

To explain better what i’m saying, here few screenshot on their faq:

HostSuckPapa said to have 25 connections:

My script open 10 connections on HostSuckPapa:

My script open 11 connections on HostSuckPapa:

After tons of emails they change the faq and said to have just only 15 connections:

Again my script open 10 connections on HostSuckPapa:

Again my script open 11 connections on HostSuckPapa:

I have also the screenshot about how they steal the money with the NOT garantee money back!!


I agree i switched to hostgator instead, good customer service and half of the price.

Hostgator is similar to Hostpapa, they have basically the same software (but more updated) , comparing to the speed hostpapa provide , Hostgator is about 5- 8 times faster. although brower speed is about the same. but if u run mysql on ur web site, must chose hostgator. they are better !!! and cheaper and well setup up to go!!!

From bitter experience I can tell you that they do suck, I hosted with them for a year and a half, my contract ended when the sites I had on one of their servers were wiped out by some kind of haywire script.

I lost 2.6gb of files.

They took over 3 days to reply to urgent support tickets and were totally unhelpful, with one line replies, not even a word of apology for the dataloss, I took my business elsewhere.

I would not reccommend them to anyone, do not trust this company with your data, they put far more effort into covering up bad reviews of themselves than looking after their customers. and Andry is correct about the lame SQL service. I experienced weekly downtime, they blamed my scripts, but guess what, my sites run perfectly on my new (shared) hosting provider.

Steer clear of Hostpapa.

As a parting warning, here is the cancellation letter I sent them three days ago (true to form they have not replied).

RE: www.******.com

Dear Hostpapa,

I really loved the idea of your brand, the idea to let Papa take care of everything, the Green energy, the 99% uptime you promised, the unlimited storage space, unlimited databases. I was so impressed with all these marvellous things that you offered me that I was happy to hand over my money and also to trust you with my precious websites which had taken several years to build up.

Sure, they were not commercial websites, they were merely communities that were free of charge for everyone where new programmers could get a helping hand, I even told the members of the sites how great, helpful, fast and reliable our spiffy new green hosting was and how the lag we had experienced before on our old server was a thing of the past.

Everyone was so grateful towards you, nobody even seemed to mind when SQL crashed so often on your site, I did point this out to you of course and you told me that it was my scripts that were maxing out 15 simultanious connections, I wondered how difficult that must be to do and I estimated that I’d probably need several hundred people browsing my forums at once to cause the problem but Papa knows best of course and who knows, maybe my complete memberlist logged on to the site whenever I turned my back on it.

Even recently after all the downtime some of my members told me to give you a last chance and I did. That was before someone on the same server as me allegedly ran a script which went haywire and completely wiped out my websites.

I would like to congratulate you on the timely manner that you answered my politely worded support tickets, it was perfectly reasonable of you to make me wait 3 days for a response to such trifling requests as “my site is offline and I can’t access anything, cpanel is showing no files”, why would I be concerned anyway, my communities only took years to establish, it speaks volumes of your service that the directory structure was wiped out and I could not even put up a place holder page to reassure my visitors.. In fact, several weeks later the directory structure is still wiped out.

Your online chat needs a mention too, I’ve been on this planet for 37 years and I have never met such an inept bunch of technicians and I just wonder if there is actually a question that they know the right answer to. They fobbed me off at every opportunity, as did the feckless idiot that I spoke to on the phone.

You should be commended that at no point has anyone in your organisation offered an apology for the dataloss, nobody has offered me any help.

So, I am left to sum things up, I know that a refund is out of the question, I have google and I’ve read how you treat your customers so I will tell you what you have already been told no doubt a few thousand times by your customers.

Your service is terrible, your tech support people are stupid and do not care, you couldn’t care less about your customers data, your servers are oversold, slow and uptime I would say is less than 90% (and you cant argue with this point because it is my true experience).

Thankfully I have taken my business elsewhere now so I invite you to take your environmentally friendly hosting, stick it on the end of a (green) pole and shove it so far up your asshole that you can clean your teeth with it.

You can take this as a request to cancel my plan (www.*******.com) and take this as an assurance that myself and at least some of the 1200 members of my two communities have a great opinion of your utterly unprofessional rabble and will be writing appropriate reviews to warn other unsuspectiong people away from you.

Yours Sincerely,

You are right HostPapa really sucks. Most of the time they don’t have answers to your problems and will give you a link to what they think is the problem.

They will reply by saying we only supply the tools to do the job and not third application software.

Hostpapa is not backing up any information, so….do your own backup don’t rely on them.

One of the latest issue, I was trying to upgrade Joomla 1.5 to 1.5.15…Upgrade failed…Open ticket with Hostpapa and they reply we believe it’s a permission problems and that was the end!!! So the conclusion is they are not a reliable company at all!!

I’m in the process of moving all my customers domains to another hosting company.

Yes I agree again HostPaPa SUCKS!!!

I am finding hostpapa a complete nightmare. The service for me has ground to a near halt for me. For hours now i cannot get access to my site. All i get are ‘time out’ errors. Even my ftp program got kicked because of there lousy servers. To allow there service to decline to this is incredible. They clearly don’t invest anything into improving there service whatsoever. I wouldn’t be surprised if most [if not all] positive feedback about them are written by Hostpapa staff. There online forum delete any negative postings. Thanks god sites like this get the true message out.

I cannot even check my site to edit out problems/bugs because the whole domain is non responsive. Clearly there own websites are ran on different servers to clients, because they load 99.9% faster. My site loads like a flick-book… watch the site appear and be assembled before your very eyes =/ why advert in the uk when ther sites are hosted in canada on a servers with 600+ sites on it? no wonder it loads like a pig. Avoid like the plague!

I’ve had a good experience with them, for the most part. No down time and the few times I needed help, mostly in moving my pre-existing site, they were good.

My email doesn’t work properly. I have 7 people who email me regularly who can’t email me at all. Comes back to them as undeliverable. Who knows how many emails I missed from potential clients. Tech support had some non-sense that the emails contained viruses. Not true, the emails are from trusted sources – from work computers. I was moving over to Gmail anyway as web based emai I can access from anywhere works better for me.

They WERE really good.

In the last few months, I’ve noticed a vertical drop in customer service. They also have vague T&C regarding the fact that you are roped into a full year contract every year when in general, if hosting companies only require a contract for the first year.

I’ve had ticket support problems go 2 weeks with out reply and been on hold for 30 min when I call tech support.

Also, when using live chat, I was abandoned for 20mins in mid-chat even though I kept asking what was going on.

I’m not the only person I know that has had extremely poor service from them as well.


I am currently caught in the registration ‘trap’ that other people have reported elsewhere. When I asked them to unlock my domain they sent many spurious e-mails. Eventually they said that they would unlock it for £9.99 +tax. When I asked them what the charge was for they were unable to tell me. I found out it’s in their terms and conditions (why they couldn’t have told me that I don’t know). I contacted Tucows (HostPapa resell Tucows registration) and ICANN to make a non-compliance complaint about the unlocking. Tucows tell me that according to Whois the domain is registered to (not with but TO) HostPapa and always has been – shocking. I can prove that this is not the case so am going to pursue the non-compliance matter further. I am also going to pay the money and get my domain back.

Hostpapa indeed sucks. I have been trying to move a domain from them for two weeks, and their support is non-existent. Our email and web site are down, we are loosing business and Hostpoopoo is nowhere to be found. Continued calls into them only run into a dead-end, with no humans answering. it would seem that they are severely understaffed and underfunded to conduct reasonable support for their clients.

I’ve been with Host Papa for 3 months and have been working on the launch of my website. I’ve been trying for 4 days to upload my site but all the time I just get errors such as TCP error, and hence have missed my launch deadline which was very annoying after months of hard work. I’ve been emailing Host Papa’s support centre for the last 4 days but have no reply. I’m quite angry now and won’t be able to get my money back because I’m out of the 30 day refund. So Yeah Papa Host sucks big time and I will be moving my business elsewhere

I believe most problems are caused by their over protective firewall.

Only been with them 2 days, but if i open more than 3 browser tabs to my website and click about a bit their firewall blocks me for 1 hour. Hostpapa support tried to blame my PC so I’ve tried it on other PC’s from different IP addresses and they all get blocked.

I have about 20 other hosting accounts with different providers and I have never seen such a daft firewall policy in my life. If it blocks me it will also block my website users – therefore, the hosting is useless and I’m asking for my money back.

They suck big time. I first took a 12 months plan, on first week, someone hacked my site and has created following email: (not to mention my dot com site) and then created many teams on yahoo fantasy football league such as I_ripped_my_kids …. etc ….. bad start.
After 14 months I decided to close my site, so basically was expecting a partial refund for my remaining 10 months paid in advance ….. i simply received a dry email telling that my account was closed ….. and they automatically blocked my IP adress so i can’t access or
I’ve been a perfect customer and never complained. Conclusion it is a nice bunch of assholes.

I get a problem with I never got problem with them until now.
I decided to not renew my contract with them and in despite of that, they want a keep my domain name guarded for 25$. If I dont pay it, the let the domain name go and I lose it.
I told them I contract another company that I pay hosting + domain name, but they dont want to unlock. What Can I do to force then to release my domain name.?
Please help me

Host Papa Complaint:
I am also having a problem getting Host Papa tp let my Domain go. I want to move my site to a different host and they told me I had to pay $26.20 to keep my domain. FINE. I payed the money and 4 days later. They have not sent me over a transfer code. My site is down and the support is useless. I’ve called 7 times only to get alot of hums and haws. They did’t have a clue. They kept telling me that it had to go to accounting, then to some other department. I noticed thay took the time to take my site down. But that’s all they took the time to do. Now they say they can’t do anything until Monday. What a bad experience this has been.

In my opinion – and that of many others – HostPapa not only sucks, but they are cheats, liars & thieves.

In direct contradiction of ICANN regulations, they will list themselves at the domain name administrative contact. Essentially, they are taking control of your name, and will do everything they can to prevent you transferring it away – unless you pay their fees.

ICANN does NOT allow a “losing” registrar to extort money to release a domain name for transfer.

If you want to complain about registry problems, send a copy of your message to the “real” registrar, TuCows.
Start with Paul Karkas”
then move on to and

Send a polite and carefully worded message outlining your complaint, and you will get action.

My advice, based on my experience is: stay away from HostPapa.

Poor service!

After 3 or 4 years of good service my account was hack and phishing software was uploaded under my account. There are no way to know if it is my fault or if it is the CMS (joomla or wordpress) provided by All the blame is on client without any chances to know what I have happened.

I deplored the lack of transparency and the fact that all the blame is on the client.

How do I know that it is not a screw up from Is is possible that you lost my account and are covering up behind false allegation of phishing software being installed on my site? I doubt that it is the case but everything is possible when there are no transparency.

I was also suggested to upload from a backup. Since you guys does not providing me any information. I have no clues if the backup is compromised. I was told that I should reload a backup that was made some time in september. Does that mean that you are running anti-virus only once a month or more?

The only solution to the problem is to entirely reset the account without any chances to make a final backup to audit the contain.

I have seen poor service from various companies but this the ultimate in poor quality service. Http:// should get an Award because in \”client poor service\” this is the best I have seen so far.


Andre St-Louis

Hostpapa are atrocious.

Ineffective, total runaround, time wasting and lack of response or any semblance of customer care.

If you use the ‘Online chat’ function, they’ll agree on one thing, and then never follow it up. I’ve wasted many days with them now, and am so fed up.

Their service is appalling.

I’ve been with hostpapa for more than a year now. I had a reseller account just to hold my own websites. It was great till I started to gain good daily traffic, when I had downtime for more than an hour in some days. Complete waste of time to try to contact them by chat, phone or ticket support. They will come back to you the next day when everything seems to work fine again saying that you have no problems at all or they had not detected nothing. Sure will have nothing if they check 1 day later doens’t it? I’ve been changed of server at least 3 times after plain of complaints with non stop. If you just forget the problem so will they, so I didn’t stopped questioning.
After some days of good and proper working I’ve decided to go for a SSL certificate since they offered for free if you get a dedicated IP. None in the sales department could tell me how to get the promotion, completely useless support assistants. They will not check nothing for you, not even solve, answer or keep your nerves down for a while.
If you just want to have an stupid page with naive content, just go and get the simplest plan.
But if you wants to play for real, then AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!

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