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How to Build a Travel Agency Website that Does Not Suck, and Showcase Your Amazing Holiday Packages

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So your travel tour website sucks, and you need a makeover.

Even if you are planning to create your own website to help people arrange, book and plan their travel, this guide may save you tons of money and lots of time. Even if you are just a travel blogger, the tips can be useful to you too.

You or someone you hired built a travel guide page or travel bureau website to showcase your extensive experience in world (or local) travel. The information on there is brilliant, and it should be the envy of the entire web community. Your exciting holiday plans were designed to bring in new clients, get you picked up on travel blogs, win the respect of your peers, prove to your ex-boss that you do have what it takes afterall, and impress your mom.

And yet your business still sucks. Today we’re going to tell you how to quickly build a dependable travel or tour website, without paying thousands to a web designer or web developers.

First let us start with the mistakes people do on their travel websites.

Include Small Photos and Images

Since consumers can’t physically view the locations and vacations you’re selling before placing an order on your website, you need to do as much as you can to recreate and improve upon that experience. Tiny photos and images don’t effectively do this.

Put ONLY One Image or Photo for Each Item

Unless you are just selling the photo of a vacation destination, you’ll want to provide multiple images from different perspective, locations and angles. An image in each location, room, facility, and attraction, and even detailed shots of specific corner can all go a long way toward making a consumer more likely to buy from you.

Confusing Navigation and Layout

There is nothing worse than trying to find a vacation package on a site with confusing navigation. You also need to make sure your website looks good on all devices. People look for vacations on their leisure time so they could be browsing using their tablets or even a phone. A responsive design provides a customized viewing experience for different browser platforms, i.e making sure your website does not suck when viewed on other devices especially on mobile phones and tablets.

Lack of Online Payment or Payment Options

There are plenty of sites out there that only allow users to pay offline, or to only pay with a credit card via the phone. There’s no reason for this anymore. What about the person who has and wants to use a PayPal account? What about the person who doesn’t have a credit card and wants to pay straight from their bank account? You need to provide as many payment solutions as is practical to optimize the number of orders you get.

The Quick and Easy Method to Build an Amazingly Responsive Travel Agency Website

So what is the quickest way to solve the above problems and to create an awesome portfolio website without breaking the bank? Try one of these amazing WordPress templates.

List of Popular Responsive Travel Agency Templates

  1. Travelo – a simple product which makes possible for the Users to book an offer by writing personal details, which will be approved/declined from the agent of the tour company.

  2. Tour Package – a WordPress Theme especially for travel company. Nice responsive design. Packages can be filtered and be easily discovered.
  3. Anchor Inn – show off your travel plans with this easy-to-customize and fully featured WordPress Theme.
  4. Hotec – a sleek and clean responsive WordPress theme for your spa, resort and hotel business.

Want to view other travel agency responsive WordPress themes? Just click here for other responsive travel agency WordPress themes.

What To Do Next?

  1. Have your own domain name to get a professional presence for your website. Register your domain on any best domain registrar site like and Namecheap.
  2. Purchase a premium web hosting account
  3. Replace the nameservers of your domain name with the ones specified by your web host (in the welcome email). Sign-in to your domain registrar and changce the nameserver details with the ones specified by your web host in their welcome email.
  4. Sign-in to your cPanel. Set up WordPress utilising the one-click installer such as Fantastico or QuickInstall.
  5. Upload your Travel WP Theme (chosen above) via the WP dashboard. Go to Appearance->Themes->Add New->Upload.
  6. Activate the theme and start customizing your travel agency website.
  7. Tell the world about your amazing vacation packages and tours.

Best Website Hosting Support

We recommended using Hostgator for it has cPanel hosting support for your travel agency WordPress site(s). You can try Hostgator for $0.01 only and use the coupon code LINUXHOSTING. You can also save 25% from your first bill using coupon code SERVERHOSTING.

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