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Justhost Just Sucks?

77 Comments on Justhost Just Sucks?

Looking for a Justhost review? If you want a web host with absolutely zero complaint, tech support that solves all your problem within 5 minutes, and a web hosting that doesn’t care if you upload 50,189 MP3 songs to your hosting webspace via FTP; then DO NOT get the hosting plan from Justhost. But if you mostly want a very affordable beginner-friendly hosting, with free domain name, easy-to-use Sitebuilder and cPanel, and polite customer support, you’ll like Justhost just fine.

Justhost does not suck
Justhost is one of the most popular web hosting company today

Justhost Review – Complaints and Praises

From the above chart, you can see that Justhost is one of the most popular web hosting service today. No wonder they have so many customer reviews – both the favorable ones and the not-so-friendly feedbacks. There are more Justhost reviews than reviews for any other company in the budget hosting category.

In addition, you should consider taking the negative feedbacks about any web hosting with a pinch of salt. According to a study conducted by America’s premier customer services research firm, TARP, customers are more likely to speak about a company when things go wrong rather than when they go right. On average, customers are twice as likely to talk about a bad experience or when they think “Justhost sucks” as they are to share a positive experience. So we can safely say that for every negative comment about Justhost, there are two more good Justhost reviews we did not hear about. Being such a very popular web hosting of choice, there will be more reviews about Justhost as compared to other hosting services.

If they have so many clients and the numbers are growing, they must be doing something right. If you are paying $4.45 for Justhost, you cannot expect the same service as Hostgator which is more than double that price, or InMotion Hosting at triple the price with less features included.

Justhost Hosting: the Pros

Top reasons why so many people are using Justhost to host their websites, making Justhost one of the top 10 most popular web host today:

  • Cheapest price $5.95 for 24 months; or $4.95/mo for 36 months subscription as compared to other popular web hosts like Hostgator or InMotion Hosting
  • One-click Installer for popular apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more
  • Easy-to-use & beginner-friendly Site-builder for quick website creation
  • Host multiple domains – you may start with one domain at first, but most people will want to get more domains later on, so no need to get a new hosting plan.
  • Free domain included – if you are new, save the hassle of configuring DNS settings at a different domain name registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy.
  • Use of cPanel – other cheap web hosts does not include the easy-to-use cPanel

Justhost Web Hosting: the Cons

This is where some people said “justhost sucks”, wrote about “justhost complaints” and spread the words that “justhost sux”.

  • 10% resource usage limit
  • Customer support via phone is subpar
  • No upgrade option to VPS. If you need dedicated hosting, they will recommend moving to Singlehop

Justhost Web Hosting For Who?

In short, Justhost is highly recommended for beginners who require the most affordable and quick website using their popular and user-friendly Site Builder. If you want to use cPanel, Justhost is one of the cheapest cPanel hosting around. Justhost is also suitable for new to experienced bloggers who need a blog platform such as WordPress. The one-click installer comes in handy when installing web applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and many more. Justhost is also recommended for small to medium businesses websites. Therefore, know your requirements. Justhost may not be suitable for everyone.

Our Verdict: JustHost Does Not Suck

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Use the coupon below to subscribe with Justhost at a huge 50% discount.

Justhost Worpress Hosting Joomla Hosting Myspace Credits OSC at Justhost Scam?

However, we feel that we are obligated to also tell the so-called “bad” side of this web hosting service. Many people has been complaining that when they opted for the money-back guarantee, Justhost did not give them the full refund and kept $20 for domain registration. It is not your fault that you have to be extremely careful when purchasing anything on the Internet because there are so many scams out there. However, not refunding domain name is common in the money-back-guarantee terms for all budget web hosting packages that offer free domain registration. Try other companies like Fatcow, iPage, Bluehost, Hostmonster, Webhostingpad or other web hosts giving free domain names, and ask for a refund from them. They will keep a domain fee of $10 to $20 for each domain.

Domain names registration are paid yearly and handled by domain name registrars. Most web hosting company including Justhost will purchase your domain name from a domain registrar such as eNom and this purchase is not refundable (the only exception is SBI, and they can give you all your money back even up to 90 days, but they charge much more monthly, than Justhost). So, Justhost (or any other budget hosting) will not refund that domain name portion. Period. However, you should be able to transfer the domain to a different web host or domain registrar.

Web Hosting Tip #1: If you think a domain is too valuable, you should first register it at a domain registrar such as Namecheap or Godaddy. You can easily point the domain to the hosting server. Use the free domain name given with Justhost hosting plan for a different extension of your domain name, i.e the .NET, .ORG or .CO.UK, if you have registered the .COM version.

Other than that, it has been reported by many of our readers that Justhost has a limit of 50,000 inodes. In other words, they can suspend your account if the number of files in your hosting account exceeds this limit. If you are planning to host a file sharing website, host blackhat scripts that auto-generate pages, or if you want to share warez or copyrighted materials, then you should stop here. Do not proceed with Justhost. For normal website hosting purposes, 50k limit is more than enough. You will not be having 50,000 static pages or files in most cases because even huge websites running WordPress, Joomla or other popular forum applications creates pages on the fly and have only a few files or PHP scripts on your account. If you go to other web hosts such as Bluehost or Hostmonster, they have the same inodes limit and their monthly prices are much higher.

Web Hosting Tip #2: Although they say they give “unlimited” storage and bandwidth, do not use your hosting account for storing, archiving, or backing up files not related to your website. If you absolutely need to have more than 50k inodes, use Hostgator. They allow you to have inodes of above 50k but your account will not be included in their daily backup.

Another commonly reported problem is that addons such as domain privacy, advanced system backup, SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, etc are not refundable. If you do not use any of these addons, then you do not have to worry about not getting full refund from the money back guarantee. Most other web hosts do not provide these addon for free either especially if you get such a low price.

Please note that daily backup is not included by default. This costs extra at Justhost. If you think you surely need daily backup and you do not know how to keep a copy of your website on your desktop, try Hostgator. They promise regular backup but we are not sure if you can simply request for a copy at your convenience at no cost.

Web Hosting Tip #2: Make sure you do not opt for additional add-ons at checkout if you are not sure what they are. You can always add them on later.

Our Verdict: JustHost Is Not a Scam

Who Should Avoid Justhost

We try not to be biased when we do reviews and with Just Host, it is no exception. We believe they are pretty cheap especially for personal, family, hobby or club website.

  • If you are a fast growing business with visitors of more than 2000/day, Justhost will look like a scam hosting for you as your account will get suspended quickly because of your website taking too much of their server resources. We recommend you look at the business web hosting company like inMotion hosting.
  • If you have no experience in building website and planning to start an online business from scratch, you should look for a hosting that helps you build online businesses, not just build a website. If your goal is to build a profitable Web business – Justhost is NOT FOR YOU. You need a host like SBI that provides proven process and a tech-free, complete set of site-brainstorming-building-hosting-and-marketing tools. You do not have to believe us. You can try it for free yourself.

So, if you are not one of those super successful website owner or have a goal of making really big in online business, click here to start hosting at a budget price with Justhost.

JustHost one-price plan comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, no limit to add-on domains, no limit for e-mails and MySQL. If you do find a better host a the same or cheaper price, please do post a comment here and may retract this recommendation or recommend an alternative.

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So stop wasting your time. Would you agree that finding a good web hosting can be tiring and time consuming, when you should be building your blog, designing your company website or selling your product? Why not take a look at the latest JustHost promotions today and start building that website.

JustHost comes with 30-day money back guarantee so there is little risk to you to try host your blog, build company website or sell your products with them. Not sure if you will like their hosting plan? Sign up for a 6-month plan and avoid the longer ones. You can request back your money if you are not satisfied, as their plans are backed with their Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Follow the JustHost discount link below and get their special limited time, Unlimited Everything (unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, unlimited MySQL, host unlimited domains) offer for as low as $4.45/month (normally USD6.95). You do not need any JustHost coupon code at this price and value.

Hesitate no more. Sure you don’t want to delay building your blog or website any longer, do you? First things first. You can start today:

Get JustHost Special Promo 50% OFF
PROMO / COUPON CODE: Use the code below at checkout – and get their hosting plan at additional 50% discount! Hurry and signup today because the discount code may expire the next time you visit.

If you are not convinced or think Justhost is not right for you, here is a list of alternative hosting to choose from:


Thanks for posting this article….I went with Vistapages a few months ago and failed to look up “Vistapages sucks” and after having MANY complications I finally did and found well over 2 dozen people who have given Vistapages VERY nasty reviews (might be an interesting blog for you). I decided to look for another hosting site and came across….I tried to google “JustHost sucks” and various other things and there was not ONE negative review about them. Your blog just confirmed this for me and I will be switching to today. Thanks!

By the way…after reading the majority of your posts for various hosting sites I can almost garuntee that Vistapages hosting takes the cake on suckage.

Hi I am the admin at, and we are being hosted by just host. I want to double that Justhost is the best hosting website ever. Unlimited everything and a reasonable price bought me immediately. It is also easy to do anything. Though just host does do a lot of server maintenance. I have had times where my website was down for about an hour. But never the less at least they care about there servers and maintain it.

Hello Administrator of,
I am beginning an LLC and researching webhost servers. I just reviewed the May 19th 2009 Best 10 web hosting list. Why did your company choose as compared to Powweb (middle of the pack) or at the 10th position?

I am strategizing where every dollar goes and need reliable information instead of advertising. Can you help?

A web host that does not have many complaints definitely does not suck. At the same time a web host claiming to give unlimited disk space and bandwidth is not honest. So we have a dishonest web host, that does not suck!

I’ll purchase an account from JustHost and publish my 1TB photos on the web, lets see if it is really unlimited or not!

Mr Abasi, I hope you don’t take the word “unlimited” to mean infinite. Realistically, it just means that you get enough space more than you ever need or it is an unreachable limit. Read their TOS. If are hosting a file/movie/photo sharing, get a dedicated server!

The “abusers” make life of decent users like us harder than it should be, when the web hosts put more and more constraints on what we can do on our hosting account.

* We predict that the “unlimited” bytes hard-drive will never be invented, but all web hosting will offer unlimited everything in the future – go figure

Dear Admin,

I know very well that this is nothing but a marketing strategy but I still can’t help thinking that this is not an honest strategy to sell something, anything! When you buy a car, you know the limits of the car you’re buying. This much horsepower, A/C, seats for 5 people etc. When you buy a house, you know the limits of your house. This many rooms and that many balconies and a something square yards garden. Same for buying chocolate or tennis shoes. Nobody tries to sell you a car with unlimited horse powers, a house with unlimited rooms or chocolate which will never run out, no matter how much you eat. It’s really not fair to sell hosting this way IMHO.

I agree with you about these deceiving advertising slogans Mr Abasi. There should be a line between false advertising and otherwise acceptable “puffing”. This is not specific only to Justhost. They are all doing it.

But we will grow to accept them in our life, just like we accepted phrases like “It keeps going, and going, and going…” by Energizer – Don’t believe that they are selling batteries with unlimited life. Or my wireless provider is giving unlimited free landline calls – does that mean I can start calling everyone in the phone directory and sell them my homemade cookies…

My friend, we have come to accept misleading ads like these as the norm. British Telecom (my ISP) offers unlimited broadband, but if I read the T&C, it clearly states that there is a fair-use policy in place. It is upto us to read the T&C carefully before purchasing anything. If they do not mention anything about this in their T&C, then it will raise a red flag in my book.

I am currently with godaddy and found a couple things about unlimited hosting.
One, pretty much all companies will limit the amount of outgoing email. I am using a Joomla site so I had to disable the register emails and other email function I would have loved to do.
Two, Godaddy limited the number of connections to 250 with the premium account, 100 deluxe, and I think 50 with ecomony. So if more the 250 people touch the site at the same time the people over 250 will get an access denied error and “they can just hit refresh”, which is what the Godaddy rep told me.

I had a friend that hosts at webhost4life and loves it but I read a ton of bad things about them so I’m looking elsewhere. wh4l does have unlimited connections but I can’t get over the bad reviews out there. is getting back to me with connection limits. Let me know if you guys know anything.

I am impressed how people worry about UNLIMITED plan. Any host which gives you 3000GB (like 1and1 or whatever), you’ll never reach that limit, Why ?! LOL

I think UNLIMITED is virtually, because they know NOBODY will reach that goal. And if so, that people rarely exist. Also You have a big DB like this, I think you probably worry about your informations and would go for a private server or something. What you think if they had all DB from youtube ?!! han?. The response is: STEAL (and don’t be stupid!). So YouTube doesn’t want UNLIMITED plan…haha (I think you’re on the same situation, tell me)

And the guy with 1TB of pictures; man, please! LOL… get a Private Server

Relax, people: if you have a good host, even your website gets down for one day or two throughout the year, that’s fair enough!

Come on,…

I found out quickly that their Pre-Sales team needs to brush up on the services they offer. I was told one thing during chat and then signed up only to find out certain features were not available – Not even at an extra charge. Since some of them (custom name servers for example) were important I canceled after only having my account for 30 minutes. Even though I only had the account for a short period of time and I was only canceling because their pre-sales team gave me incorrect information a full refund was not issued. This is just not right. Terrible business practice. If you are considering please make sure you verify and re-verify the features you require ahead of time.

We switched to JustHost from IX because of security problems. Our site went down Monday, no explinaton from JustHost except that it could take up to 24 hours for the DNS to propagate. At the same time our dedicated IP address was gone. Another wait to find out they changed that too! Now we find our email forwarding has stopped working as well. I am still waiting for an explanation. I don’t have time for this BS. I can understand there will be problems, but this is a little much.
Also, after signing up, I find I can buy carbon offsets! What! I am not going to pay for the kings new clothes.

Just hosts support is very quick and has a very easy back end to install software such as wordpress and joomla. The only problem is they host my website in the USA. As a UK based company I understand it effects my ratings and will not appear highly in the UK search engines.
Apart from that I can recommend them.

to balloons, in real life it doesn’t matter where your site is hosted.

All my sites are hosted in the USA but I often target Italian/German/French traffic and I am top of the engines for most keywords.

I don’t even use country specific domains, I just have .com sites.

In other words, you might have a site hosted in the UK and I might have a .com site hosted in california and I might beat you on all keywords you target on the site, simply because my site offers content that’s a trillion times better than yours.
That’s simply because Google focuses on giving you what you are looking for, regardless of where the site is hosted.

I am looking for a host for my domains, which are registered with 1&1 (no site created yet). I emailed two web hosts, Supergreen and Justhost, to ask about transferring these domain names. Justhost acknowledged my info request IMMEDIATELY and answered my question within about 4 hours.

Despite sending two further email requesting the info, I have heard NOTHING from Supergreen at all!

Very poor (supergreen). NO WAY am I spending my money with a company who can’t be bothered to even acknowledge my request for information. Stupid way to run a business – they’ve lost my custom!

Hi steve, their answering an email in under 4 hours is fast, but could be faster.

Anyhow, you do not need to transfer you domain to your web host. Just keep them at your domain registrar (1&1) and point your A-record to your web host. This is a good way to try a web hosting service and you can easily move to another web hosting company later on if you have problem with the current web hosting service.

Good luck and please update us about Justhost service.

ok you say it’s great, but my problem is that the reviews i’ve looked at say that you can’t put videos, mp3s, or games on the website, and im trying to make a site that defiantly needs videos, maybe games. could someone please confirm/deny the no video alligations? this would help alot!!!

All these are very interesting, thank you.
I want to try justhost for my website, which is mainly consisted of photos and videos. Of course the videos are encoded and are not GBs or something, read somewhere that justhost doesn’t allow video hosting…? All the copyrights are mine so there is no problem with that. If anybody knows something about this please post a reply, will really appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

Justhost’s main page talks about 3.95 a month. That is only applicable if you buy a 3 year plan. If you choose any smaller time frame it is cheaper to go with godaddy.

Yet, after completing almost all the information and exiting they gave me a chance at 50% off hosting. So maybe they are the cheapest after all… Besides going free, of course.

I use JustHost for a couple of my websites I’ve created and have really nothing bad to say about them.

I don’t care for their website builders, but I make my own sites in Dreamweaver anyway, so it doesn’t matter at all.

They do charge your credit card or paypal account when your hosting fees are due until you cancel with them.

We decided not to host one URL with them as we are not going to renew that website name again. I contacted JustHost via email to find out how to cancel that hosting account. They got back to me in less than an hour with instructions and the link to cancel the account. No hassles at all and even refunded the remainder of the time back to credit card and offered about $400 worth of free stuff if I kept the account with them

Now I think that’s pretty good service don’t you? Also I have had ZERO down time on their servers.

Hi All

I’ve been with justhost for about six months now and host sixteen websites with them. Like all I was sceptical at first, but there have been very few problems – nothing of any consequence – minor technical .htaccess issues.

Their support is really great, quick, keeping you informed.

I’m not sure what the catch is, but for AUD$140 for three years for that many sites, I’ve got a bargain! So far so good.

Keep up the good work justhost. I’m a fan.

BTW 1TB photo man. Unlimited hosting is like free ice cream. Take what you can eat, don’t back the truck up and take the lot.



i agree with take what you can eat. unlimited means unlimited on a fair usage policy. unlimited is literally impossible if you think about it. they would have to build server farms on mars because we would run out of space on earth and the moon…

I have been with Just host for one and half years. I did not absolutely had no problems. I have never called them for support, but for my trouble tickets they have responded with in half an hour. I have two domains hosted with them and absolutely no roblem so far.


Justhost provides unlimited sapce and bandwidth as they claim, but when you study their terms and condition you find out that is all bullshit.

Offering video and/or audio streaming or downloads, MP3 Files, Games and shareware is also not permitted on any Just Host server.

Then how can unlimitted space be true, if they dont allow you to have videos music?

I think that it is a load of shit too. They claim to provide unlimited space and bandwith, I installed the MFHS script onto my site just to try it out (I was planning on making a file sharing site). I was so disappointed with the lack of speed that the JustHost servers provide. Those terms and conditions are one part but the fact that it took me a while to download something from my own server was disappointing. I didn’t read the T&C’s until now, I’ve been looking for a host which doesn’t mind filesharing sites and I’ve only found one that doesn’t hit you so hard about the copyrights.

They have good chat support. My site is always up when I check. The sign-up process is a little hokey, they will try to upsell a lot of services that you will most likely not need, but can you blame them with their low low hosting cost. I’m a satisfied customer of one year so far.

Justhost is my first web hosting company and I tried others after that and went back to Justhost. Their customer support is excellent, good up time, one of the best price schemes, uses cpanel (which is much better than those who don’t)..

Check out my website hosted using justhost at

I’m not living in the U.S. so I never use their phone support, however the live chat is surprisingly useful, they even answer very technical questions and help me solve my problem everytime!

Nice review here! Always wondering why there’s so many justhost haters while I’m enjoy their services so much. Keep it up!

No problems with them after 3 years.
very quick to sort out some problems I have had, my fault.
never had to wait more than a couple of hours for email responses.

Read their terms and conditions first if you think you might generate more than 50 000 nodes.
read it anyway.

JustHost is great. I have been a customer for more than a year, my website is always up. Then I can add unlimited domains/email under my hosting account. Their FTP access sucks at times, and they do experience little issues. But overall, I will recommend it to anyone, in my opinion, they do a very good job!

I opened a JustHost account a couple of months ago as it was one of the cheapest options I could find for a not for profit/community organisation. I have to admit that I DID have a few “teething problems” when first trying to set up the site, namely the site builder links kept disappearing from the control panel and the “contact forms” facility wouldn’t deliver to my “home” email address. However, the people at JustHost were excellent in sorting out the problems for me, even down to contacting AOL who were in fact responsible for blocking mail from the IP address and asking them to lift the block.

I am certainly no expert when it comes to setting up websites, but JustHost is certainly a lot more “User Friendly” than some of the others I have tried!

My experience with josthost was an absolute nightmare. I accidentally mis-spelled my domain name during the account setup – and of course they do not verify this particular, and absolutely critical, piece of data. Then they simply refused to understand my problem – and when they finally did, they wanted to charge me $14.95 to fix the problem. Quite frankly, they are a nickle and dime operation. Don;t be deceived by their come ons. When you do sign up with them, they automatically ding you for Daily Backup and Site Lock – without even asking you. And, to get the cheapest hosting rate, you have to pay for 4 years – up front.

Any hosting company would have reacted the same way. The domain name is a seperate purchase and can’t be cancelled. Not very fair to blame the hosting company for your mistake or expect them to sort it. I’ve been with just host for the last 6 months and found their customer service to be very fast and very helpful…even to the point of logging into my account and fixing mistakes I have made when setting up a php forum transfer.

JustHost.Com are cheater, they are big time scam. I had 135 Domains registered with them and two of them were JustHostMost.Com and JustHostMyDomain.Com, all my domains were on auto renewal. They Renewed 45 of my domain at the renewal time and failed to renew two of the domain which were JustHostMost.Com and JustHostMyDomain.Com and failed to notify the expiry to me. They registered those to domain under their name a day after expiry and did not even let the grace period start. I emailed them and they say because it contain their copyright name they have the right to keep the name and offered me other domain free of charge. I was not intending to take their business but using those domain as my nameserver. One more thing my major domain www.Google420.Com was hacked 3 times while I was using their server and they took no action on it. My total domain did not even used over 5 GB in total and they failed to back up my www.Google420.Com cause they said I went over nodes shit. It was hacker that made those things and they knew it but failed to help me while once I was down for 12.5 hours. They Sucks, please do not use them, use alternative like and I am currently using Name.Com and its so far going okay with me.

Toronto, Canada

Yes I agree their customer service is fast and that is only thing they got, their customer service does their best to bring the client and to even keep them, but those idiot on the back ends sucks. You need their customer service because nothing is in your hand while hosting with them. I am using other company now and most is in my hands. JustHost.Com are cheater and they Sucks.

Toronto, Canada

I have had no serious issues with Just Host, beyond the random login denial. Their instant chat feature has you email their billing department at every other request, and if you do so they tend to reply quickly with template messages that resolve problems eventually.
On the whole I like just host, and have hosted a number of sites through them and use FTP clients and apache controls daily. Not a massive hosting site developer so for the average site builder they work well. They offer dedicated servers, all the basic template builders and a well rounded array of tools to develop your sites. Works well for Blog building as well.

They have a 10MB file upload limit on their php.ini file. This means if you have an upload utility on your site and want to allow uploads larger than 10MB you are sh*** out of luck. When I complained and pointed out that Rochen has a 20MB limit I got a terse email back asking if I would like to cancel the account – when they knew full well that our customer had paid for two years in advance – classy. Not recommended.

I have sites at GoDaddy and JustHost. Never had a problem with GoDaddy, don’t know how their customer service is. I’ve had several problems with GoDaddy, but their customer service is good, and they’ve always come through.

I use some folders with no index.html file, so visitors can see contents and select files for download. GoDaddy calls that a “file repository” and does not allow it. JustHost has no problem with it.

Before today I would’ve told you JustHost was great. They’ve always solved my problems in the past, but today I fell victim to their 10% rule and they suspended my account immediately and with no other option except to upgrade to a dedicated server and pay $149/mo. That’s just not even an option so I have to find a new host and rebuild my site all over again. If you even suspect your blog or site will become popular (which I hoped but didn’t think it would) DON’T use Just Host!!!!

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