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You know how many business owners created their website without proper research and ended up with web hosting from hell! It is very important to review a web host and ensure that they don’t have too many negative feedbacks before you start building your website.

Thinking about choosing to take care of your website hosting needs? Here is what expert designers recommend you do first – read as many reviews as you can about MyHosting on the Internet!

You can do your due diligence for by searching for “myhosting sucks” or “myhosting complaints on Google. You can also try “myhosting bad“, “I hate myhosting“, “MyHosting sux” and other variation of misspells. In the beginning, when we did the above searches in 2009, there were no bad reviews about this host.

That does not mean you can now take you credit card and get a hosting plan, yet.

MyHosting BBB Accredition

myhosting review
The next thing you may want to check is if they are Better Business Bureau accredited. If they are accredited, what would their rating be?

Is MyHosting BBB accredited? Yes, they are rated A+ at BBB. This is a plus point for MyHosting.

Complaints about

myhosting review
Initially when we did the searches using Google in 2009, the logic of no-bad-review-means-host-is-good means is almost perfect! With no or little complaint whatsoever. If you asked us back then about how good is, our answer were that “they are one of are the best web hosting according to our criteria”.

Unfortunately, the negative reviews started pouring in soon after our first review. As you can see in our comments section below and the searches above, they no longer have clean track record on Google search result page.

MyHosting Scam

myhosting review
By using the same search method, we even found some forum threads accusing MyHosting to be a fraud and a scam with their hosting plans, and even affiliate program (Check out this forum thread at Digitalpoint).

To be honest, we make money from you buying a hosting plan (affiliate sales) on this site. Thus we do have some experience with the affiliate program at MyHosting. Many of the claims about the high sale reversal also happened to us. If they can treat their sales people (affiliates) poorly, they can do the same to customers too.

So would we recommend MyHosting?

Our Verdict: Recommends an Alternative to MyHosting

We have tried many hosting plans since 2001. We can confidently say that Hostgator (HG) has been the most reliable and provides the best value-for-money. HG offers the same if not better features and functionalities as MyHosting.

>>> We Recommend Hostgator – Try for Only $0.01 <<<<



I have placed an order on for a domain,
at customer details I have filled full form with payment details, Pressed submit button, but returned no confirmation page no confirmation email and payment has been charged from my credit card,

I contacted support for the issue to be resolved, they said we can not help you because you don’t have order number, How can I get order number for this issue? I told them I have received confirmation from my credit card company that SOFTCOM TE has charged the payment for the order, but as I explained I have not received any confirmation from,

maybe this is’s system fault or they are scam, I requested them to check the payment they received from my xxxx-xxxx credit card number but they replied me that they can’t check, Why????

waiting for the explanation from them,

” Hello,

I ordered a domain in, they charged the payment and said this was a test charge of $5,
They have errors in their billing system, and charging payments from credit cards as a test charge of $5,

I placed an order filled the form with my credit card payment details and submit, in the return of submit the form I have not receive any confirmation page and email from them and the payment has been charged, I contacted the support, they said we can not help you in your matter we are unable to locate any your order, after 1 day, I receive an email that contain order number and payment details that was submitted but not receive my domain, they said the domain was registered by someone another company so you have to register other domain, I replied that it was me who has ordered, they replied we don’t have your order details so we can not provide you the service you have to provide transaction details, I provided them transaction details that $5 has been charged and here is transaction details,

In the return of this they said, This Was A Test Charge,

They are fraud,

Don’t trust in their support service because they only reply and support new customers to get money from them,

Regards. “

Why don’t you go and look here, and you’ll see what people think of, which is actually now becoming a most disreputable


I am curious, presumably pays you money for praising them, yes ?

How much ?

myhosting does not suck ??

Oh yes it does !!

“You have seen the number analysis above. Numbers don’t lie.”

Umm…being inanimate, indeed they do not lie.

However, the people manipulating them often do.

In my bitter experience, myhosting is a TERRIBLE company !!

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