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4 Comments on Sucks? Not Many Think That Way web hosting service sucks real bad. They are so bad because they have very few negative reviews about them when we searched for “ sucks” or “ complaints on Google today… yeah sucks for their competitors is what we meant. We also tried related keywords search including “superb internet sucks”, “superbinternet sucks”, “ hosting sucks”, “Superb Internet sux” and other variation of misspells, just incase some smart ass cannot even spell the host name right or try to avoid being sued by Superb Internet. Sorry still too few negative complaints about them.

If you are considering any hosting company, you should do a search for keywords “X Hosting Sucks” on Google. Perhaps you have already read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about hosting X but doing the “X sucks” search may reveal the true side of the hosting provider. You can also try other keywords such as “ problems”, bad”,“ issues” or “ scam”. Google SERPs analysis

Analysis Search Keywords Total Results
1&1 Review 1&1 Sucks about 1,080
IXwebhosting Review IXwebhosting Sucks about 5,100
Lunarpages Review Lunarpages Sucks about 1,010
iPowerWeb Review iPowerWeb Sucks about 1,060
Powweb Review PowWeb Sucks about 5,300
Hostmonster Review Hostmonster Sucks about 8,200
Superb Internet Superb Internet Sucks less than 5

Superb Internet is almost perfect! With very little complaint whatsoever. If you asked us how good is Superb Internet web hosting, our answer is they are the best website hosts according to our criteria. They are probably is one of the best hosting provider out there.

Our Verdict: Recommends Superb Internet Highly Recommended

We try not to be biased when we do reviews but with Superb Internet, it is hard not to. So have no problem recommending it to anyone. Now click here to checkout the plan most suitable for you and start on a reliable hosting at lower price or type the url

You don’t need another Superb Internet review or Superb Internet critique to decide. You can read as many critical review, comments, Superb Internet issues, Superb Internet problems, limitations or criticism about them that you can find. Here is a challenge to find a better hosting than what we just recommended. Go search for some other hostings with no “X sucks” pages on Google, and post them down here in the comment box. Better yet, try find such a hosting company that allows unlimited traffic and multi domain hosting but with better customer feedback and cheaper hosting price. If you do find it, please do post a comment here and will retract this recommendation.

We want to hear more from you
Did you hear Superb Internet customers had problems? Some said Superb Internet scams? Read some Superb Internet issues and bad experiences? Did you hear about Superb Internet’s customer horror stories and their limitations? We want to hear your stories. If not, stop wasting your time. Would you agree that finding a good web hosting can be tiring and time consuming, when you should be building your blog, designing your company website or selling your product? Why not take a look at the latest Superb Internet promotions today and start building that website.

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I hosted a server with Superb Internet for several years. (customer #15142) On June 29, 2011, I cancelled my server/service from the administrative panel of their web site. On July 4, 2011, I received a message from Superb Internet that my server/account would be removed on July 28, 2011. This is all documented in ticket #383125. Every month since then, they have billed me $125. There is also no way to remove a credit card from an account so I couldnt take away my credit card information from them if I wanted to. Calls to their billing department have never been answered even during open hours. I am thoroughly convinced that this company is fraudulently billing customers following the cancellation of services. In my case for almost a year now. I believe Superb Internet has stolen $1000 from me.

Not only do I believe that customers should not use this company, but I believe they actively engage in commerce fraud.

I agree with Scott! I have had a similar situation. We also hosted with Superb for several years (customer #13154). We also submitted a cancel request via their control panel. We submitted the request on May 6th. Within days of the cancel request, we received a notice that they had “discovered” an error THEY HAD MADE in billing, and they were going to backcharge us for OVER A YEAR’s worth of this error. They would not close our account until we paid the year’s worth of back-charges. We had the same problem contacting the billing department – we tried calling, filling out support tickets, emailing all departments (billing, tech support, sales, customer service) – NO ONE would even respond to us! Now, after two months of NO responses whatsoever, they have sent us to collection. NOW they finally respond to tell us they can’t do anything about it because it’s already gone to collection.

I agree – they are committing fraud and purposely gouging customers who cancel their service. It’s absolutely deplorable! STAY AWAY FROM SUPERB.NET!!

We were with Superb for 4 years. During the first 1.5-2 years things were OK. Then we started having issues – 3 bad disks, faulty power supplies, a few techs that seemed clueless. The end for us was on 12/30/11. Our hard drive failed and all data was lost. The back ups which were stored on the same machine but a separate disk were also corrupted. (In March 2012, 1 of our techs went to visit the datacenter and noticed the box had a faulty power supply.) After a month of back & forth with their tech people, we had a sever again but no data. We wound up going elsewhere and never using that server again. We forgot to cancel our contract until then sent us a bill in the beginning of July 2012. (Because I was on manual pay not automatic pay I got a bill). We canceled the service. Superb responded by sending us a note saying we would be billed up to August 3rd because we had to give them 30 days notice. On top of this I was getting a jillion notices everyday that if I didn’t pay my bill they were going to cancel our server. I was coordinating with my tech people on our dispute of the bill when Superb charged my card WITHOUT authorization. When I called their billing department I was initially told I was on automatic pay. Well, if I was on automatic pay why wasn’t the charge for the new year billed to my card at the end of the contract period (06/30/12)? The rep did a little research and told me I was on manual pay. She said a manager would have to get back to me. When no one got back to me within a few hours, I opened a support ticket. This was closed the next day without resolution. I opened another one and 4 days later someone got back to me. The manager that contacted me jerked me around for 2 days, leading me to believe they wanted to work thru my dispute. At the end of the 2 days he basically told me to pursue the fraud complaint with my bank.
I have already filed not only the complaint but a police report. It is both unethical and illegal to charge a credit card without authorization. While I wait for my bank to finish their investigation, I plan to tell my story to anyone and everyone who will listen. Superb may be a great company if you are a large corporation but if you are one of the little guys – they will offer you substandard equipment and clueless tech support. Add to that their illegal billing practices ad you have a recipe for disaster.

BEWARE of Superb Internet! I strongly advice everyone to stay far away from this hosting company. Here is my experience with them:

Superb Internet did not meet our needs nor their standard SLA (service level agreement) when we signed up for a 12 month contract of hosting with them. To make matters worse they stole three expensive servers from our company in 2014 and have refused to return them. We told them that their hosting was not meeting our standards after the server rack mysteriously lost power multiple times, we got hacked when they took too long to supply a firewall, and we suffered significant downtime. They caused us to lose tens of thousands of dollars. Now they have a collection agency harassing us to pay for a year of hosting that we only used two months. We payed for the time we used and do not feel that we should have to pay for 10 more months that will not be used. We have well documented support tickets complaining about the service for the first two months. We asked for the 12 month contracts to be cancelled due to the service not meeting our needs. Superb has lied and even said they returned the expensive servers to us which is not true. We have FedEx tracking to prove that the servers were delivered to their Springfield, VA hosting facility. As well we have emails with Ken Numes stating that they were keeping our servers due to the unpaid hosting. However the collection agency stated that Superb returned the servers to us. Superb is a fraudulent company and I advice people to stay away from them. They have had other complaints of fraudulent billing in the past. I should also state that Superb’s billing department added several hundreds of dollars of support hours and charges that were never approved by our company. They certainly committed what would be considered illegal billing practices in Virginia.

I recently tried to file a complaint against them with the BBB but business like them just pay the BBB to keep an A+ rating. Superb absolutely stole expensive servers from us which may be technically in their contract if you refuse to pay them, but then they lied about it and claimed that they returned the servers to us. They never met their end of the contract and hosting SLA and I complained within the first 30 days. I asked several times for them to cancel the contract and let me pick up my servers. They refused and continued to act very unprofessionally.

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