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EstDomains Closing Down – what you should do next

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Still Hosted at EstDomains? If you have not heard, is in big trouble. Their accreditation as registrar of domains is being terminated by ICANN. Your domain hosting is in jeopardy if you are still hosted there. You could be one of thousands of decent EstDomains customers who registered domains for legitimate use. No scams, spams or frauds. But the disaster will not show mercy to anybody.

Even if the manage to dodge this setback and keeps the accreditation, the damage has already been done and may not get any better soon. Read our previous prediction about EstDomain and our emotional ride recently when using their domain and DNS hosting services:

Here is more of what we are talking about in great details:

What should you do you ask? Should you change registrar or wait and see what happens next? If you are still asking questions like “How good is Estdomains?”, we have the absolute answer here. We think this is the absolute best time to jump ship before thing gets more complicated. We are moving our domains to one of the best domain registration companies;Dotster and GoDaddy because of their nice deals, transfer promo and coupons we found. If you haven’t found your new domain hosting provider, try these transfer promotion and coupon codes. You will save a bundle. Continue reading EstDomains Closing Down – what you should do next

EstDomains DNS Problems and more

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EstDomains don’t suck. Their prices are good. However, their servers, bandwidth, and DNS systems do suck. Whatever other things they do we don’t really care (up till now) as long as we get a good bargain on our domain nmaes. We have heard the bad reviews and bad publicity about them. We have read that ESTDomains servers being infested with spammers, or they themselves are spammers of some sort. But we have been with ESTDomains for many years because they are cheap, actually the cheapest around. We saved a few dollars per domain but we will not recommend this domain registrar today to anybody for several reasons.Continue reading EstDomains DNS Problems and more

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