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Netfirms Beats Godaddy with $4.95 Domain

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This time Godaddy really sucks. Netfirms is giving a much cheaper rate and it is not just for .COM domains. Take advantage of $4.95 .COM domains until November 30 2010. This offer easily beats Godaddy $5 domain deal.

You need to use coupon code CYBER495 at checkout.

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Godaddy Scam

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What a big scam by Godaddy. Last week we paid more than $10 for a .COM domain. Today we found out that people are registering domain names for only $5.00 per .COM domain! Well, now when we looked at it from the bright side, we went and registered another .COM domain name. You should do the same too.

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Who Else Wants 50% Discount from Hostgator?

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Updated: This offer has been repeated for Cyber Monday! Do not miss it again.

You suck Hostgator! Why didn’t you give us this price when we signed up?

If you just stumbled upon this page at the right time, then “lucky you”.

Here is the deal. Today you can get Click to view super discount at Hostgator50% Off Everything at Hostgator. This is a One-Day-Only Black Friday Offer and it starts at 12:00 AM Friday November 26th CST (-6 GMT) and will run until 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT). If we knew about this, we would have waited to get this super low price.

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Your website at Yola sucks?

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Yola amazing discount

Do you think the free Yola account sucks? Now you can remove the Make a Free Website with Yola link and get your own custom domain using this Yola Coupon

If you are using a free website host to create a website about yourself, your business, or to write your review about Orange movie (or whatever your website topic is), then this offer may interest you. You know that the free account is amazing but what if you can stand out from the competition with custom domain name, premium style and more?

Get 15% off Yola Silver, which includes Domain Registration, Hosting, Advertising credits + more!
Use code SILVER15
Offer ends: OCT 30, 2011

The Yola Silver package offers many more features than Yola Free. It includes:

  • One Free Custom Domain name
  • One Free Premium Style
  • Domain Private Registration (Hides your registration and contact information)
  • Create up to 25 sites, rather than 5 with Yola Free
  • 5GB of storage per site instead of 1GB
  • 100MB max file upload instead of 15MB
  • Removal of the Yola link at the bottom of the site (The Yola link on free sites reads “Make a Free Website with Yola”)
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing Credit
  • Facebook Advertising Credit
  • Stock Photography Credit
  • Logoworks Logomaker Credit
  • NEW: 30 days of traffic monitoring

Did you miss the above deadline to use the discount coupon? Here are some more discounts you can use:

Grab these discounts now before they are gone again!

Cheap Domain Reseller Offer

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Make money now

You know how people think they have made a great investment on the current GM stock IPO when there are less risky ways to make (or lose) money? We believe you can easily be better off by going on a real business venture, even by being a web domain registration reseller selling Godaddy products. Atleast you can proudly say you are in the business of domain names registration, instead of the owner of the once bankrupt GM.

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Who Else in UK Wants Simple and Quick Business Hosting?

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Attention small business owners in UK!

You know how people who tried UK web hosting companies said these web hosts suck or “bloody” unreliable compared to the hosting companies from the US? We simply believe that this is just a matter of supply. There are just too few companies based in the UK so each of them has to perform well to meet the demand. Another factor is the labour cost in the UK which is higher thus customer support cannot compete with the US and International hosting companies. On the other hand, we also believe small companies should not try to build websites by themselves and expect great result in return. Try using a web development company or find a more professional website design hosting solution.

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So Your Web Host’s Customer Support Sucks? Find out Which Web Hosting Answers Support Ticket in Only 2 Minutes

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Need a super reliable hosting for your business? If you have heard about ICD Soft, you know that they are one of the most reliable web hosting service with excellent technical support.

Why wait for days for support from a bad host?

This page is not the only raving ICDsoft review in town. These are some typical comments and feedback you can see everywhere around the web, in blogs, twitter and even facebook:

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UK Website Hosting Sucks

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Attention UK Website Owners!

You know how some business owners hastily look for a website hosting near them or even insist for a web host from the same country as they are? If you are from the UK for example, getting a UK website hosting is really not necessary most of the time and can cost you more money.

4 Reasons why you do NOT need to get a local web hosting service:

  • If your potential customers are in England, Wales, Scotland or NI, chances are their internet speed is already really fast compared to many other parts of the world, like Malaysia for example. You and others in the UK can access any website from anywhere in the world without even noticing the page load time. Your visitors probably will not feel the difference if your website is hosted in the US or next door to them. If your intended audiences are in a third-world country, then that is a whole different story.Continue reading UK Website Hosting Sucks – Paying Full Price Sucks

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Have you paid something at full price and later found out others are paying much less than you for the same product or service?

If you are looking for unlimited domains hosting on PHP and MySQL platform and has been eyeing on Fatcow, here is a word of warning. Do not go straight to and pay full price! Continue reading – Paying Full Price Sucks

Why You Should Pay No More Than $0.01 for Hostgator Hosting Plan

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Hostgator Review

Read the Facts Below and Find Out Which Coupon Code Can Save You The Most when Purchasing from Hostgator

If you have decided to get Hostgator as your web hosting, now you probably are in another dilemma – choosing which Hostgator package or plan to use and which price to pay. Hostgator comes with a wide variety of plans, unlike their competitors in the cheap web hosts category like Bluehost or Justhost. To make matters worst, there are also multitude of Hostgator coupons to choose from so which Hostgator coupon code is right for you?

So here is how you choose the right Hostgator plan for you:

  1. If want a web hosting for your own business or personal use/blog, choose Baby Gator plan
  2. If you are planning to resell hosting plans, or you are a web designer for multiple clients, or you need to create many cPanels, choose Aluminum Reseller plan

Why Baby Gator plan? Do not bother with the slightly cheaper Hatchling plan because it allows only 1 domain to be hosted. Trust us, you will want to host another website sometimes in the future so save the hassle of upgrade now. Most people also probably do not need the extra features in the more expensive Business plan.

Why Aluminum plan for resellers? This plan is the cheapest for resellers. The rest of the reseller plans are just have increased bandwidth and disk space. You can upgrade later very easily when you have more clients or cPanels to create.

Hostgator Discount Coupon

There are countless Hostgator coupon codes out there. To clear things up, we categorized these codes into two (2) main categories:

  1. the Trial Coupon codes and
  2. the Discount Coupon codes.

The Trial coupon is what most of us want because it gives you one (1) month free hosting. The later or the Discount coupons on the other hand, reduces the total cost by a percentage and most valuable for longer prepayment period. The most reduction we have found is 25% discount (see coupon code below).

Which Hostgator Coupon Code is For You?

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