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How to Avoid Making Useless Launch Announcement Headline and Identify PR Title that Sucks

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You know how many new websites are launched every day? Did you know that title of your press release or announcement is the first thing a journalist will see?

Here are 7 common mistakes when creating titles or headlines for a press release:

  1. Title that is not concise
  2. Title that is not enticing enough
  3. Title that does not gives a good overview of your story
  4. Title that will not encourage the journalist to keep reading
  5. Lengthy, detailed titles that go on and on and on…
  6. Title that uses puns, but not wittyTitle that is using clichés

Grabbing attention of readers to read and view our website can be a daunting task. The website launching announcement itself has a large indirect influence on the outcome of a successful website launch plan.

There are many different aspects of an announcement needed to be optimized in order for one to reach its maximum traffic generating potential. The higher traffic from your announcement, the higher traffic to your website or product. So what’s the first part of an announcement you should focus on? The title!

The title of your announcement is one of the most important parts. If your content is amazing and your title is lame, who will ever get to the ever so marvelous content. You need an “eye-grabbing” announcement title to increase potential viewers. There are certain techniques announcement masters use to generate eye catching announcement titles. Here are 7 surefire way to grab more attentions via your headline or title:

  1. A Title With A “Benefit”
    Create a title that will help communicate some sort of benefit to your viewers. If people see something that will help them with a certain need, it is most likely they will click your link!
  2. Create Controversy
    Use an announcement title that can create some sort of debate. Anything that will be likely to give viewers a strong opinion one way or another.
  3. Ask A Question
    When you write a title with a question, that will strike people’s attention real quick. They will have the urge to either respond to the title or see what others’ have had to say. This is a good idea to grab many people’s attention and to get some conversation going.
  4. Use “YOU”
    If you use the word you in your post, it will give people a special personal feel. The word you gives the addressee a feeling the post is targeted to their own specific situation.
    ”10 Ways YOU Can Increase Traffic 5 Fold,” for example.
  5. Use Keywords
    Using keywords in your titles is attention grabbing. Especially when those keywords appear multiple times in your content. When people read your post, those same keywords will appear to the viewer like a flashlight. It will definitely grab the attention of your reader and thrust them into the content of your announcement.When you use keywords, this will help search engine rankings. The keywords will help Google determine your announcement topic and place it in the search engines. Tags also play a role in the search engines. Make your tags your keywords to rank high for those specific keywords. A tip for keyword placement would be to try and include the keyword of your title in the first line of your announcement, and also one in the end.
  6. Humor?
    A humorous title can be effective in grabbing a lot of viewers to your announcement. Just make sure to include some keywords in your announcement for the search engines.These are a few helpful hints on how you can drive more traffic to your announcements, and eventually to your website, just by optimizing the title of you announcement. Hope to post more useful hints later.
  7. Powerful Words
    Some words are extremely powerful compared to other keywords in grabbing people’s attention.

    • Free – When someone sees the word free it gives people an urge to find out more.
    • Easy Or Quick – These two words are words that we all love. Who doesn’t want to learn something quick and easy?
    • Secrets – This evokes a response of curiosity. People always want to learn more, especially when they think they don’t know something amazing perhaps?
    • Discover – Discover is an interesting word. People always want to learn more and this word will entice them to your announcement.

Now go a create that enticing title and start making money today.

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